A mysterious object has been found in North Carolina, and experts say it could be SpaceX Dragon debris

No injuries were reported in connection with the suspected piece of space junk.

A man in North Carolina was surprised after he found a huge, mysterious object on a remote hiking trail. According to the New York Post, Justin Klontz, a groundskeeper at a luxury camping site, said he was “shocked” to find the massive object covered in dense metal sheets held together by strange-looking nails.

The wreckage, which appears to be covered in burnt carbon fiber, is at least 3 feet wide, about an inch thick, and about 4 feet high, according to the outlet. Although the body was burned, the surrounding area showed no signs of damage.

“This happens once in a lifetime, it doesn’t happen every day. We don’t know what it is. All we know is it’s not from around here,” Klontz told a local TV station.

“I tied a rope to it and drugged it with a lawn mower. It’s a one in a million chance that it would land, especially if it landed somewhere off the track in the woods, you would never find it, but it happened to land on the road,” he explained.

See the picture here:

A man was amazed to find a mysterious object along a mountain road in North Carolina
byu/gaukonigshofen inNorth Carolina

Experts speculate that the object fell to Earth from SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, according to the American “space” website. Space.com website. Astronomer Jonathan McDowell Added on X That the wreckage “certainly appears consistent with being part of the Crew-7 Dragon trunk that returned to track over this location on Tuesday.”

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It is worth noting that the Dragon spacecraft consists of two main parts: the capsule and the trunk. The trunk supports the spacecraft during ascent and carries unpressurized cargo. Normally, the trunk burns up in the atmosphere during reentry, but sometimes, parts of it can survive and return to Earth.

Campsite owner Glamping Collective said they plan to reach out to aviation experts to find out exactly what it is and where it came from.

“Space debris wasn’t on our list of things we expected to have conversations about. The only thing we could come up with was that it was some type of space debris that fell down. It doesn’t look like anything outside of an airplane,” said Matt Barry, owner of The Glamping Collective. “.

No injuries were reported in connection with the suspected piece of space junk.

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