A network of illegal casinos linked to Russia was discovered in Ukraine, which it financed in favor of Moscow.

An entire network of clandestine casinos run by clandestine businessmen was discovered in Putin’s occupied territories in Ukraine. Il MessaggeroCited by Rader.

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The discovery was made following a series of raids by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in more than 40 illegal gambling houses – hidden between office buildings and warehouses – according to Ukrainian secret services, Volodymyr Zalto, head of the Russian administration in the Kherson region.

The criminal organization, which has branches in Kyiv, Zhitomir and Kherson regions, engages in financial activities for the benefit of Moscow-appointed officials in exchange for favors and preferential treatment.

At the moment, it is not known precisely what the nature of these aids was, but, according to what was revealed, thanks to this system, the criminal group was able to make a profit of more than 25 thousand euros per day. Of those arrested, at least six are accused of playing leadership roles in the organization.

“After the liberation of Kherson, the casino organizers, hoping to escape justice, moved to Zhytomyr. There they decided to expand their “network”. For this purpose, six more casino centers were opened between Zhitomir and Kyiv regions. involved in establishing and recruiting personnel,” SBU spokespersons said.

Since its re-legalization in 2020, this is not the first time that gambling, especially illegal gambling, has caused trouble for Kiev authorities.

On March 1, Ukraine’s National Electronic Communications Regulatory Commission (NCEC) announced that it had blocked more than 700 illegal gambling sites in the country.

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The list includes many Russian and international online casinos, including pokerstars.com, the world’s largest online poker site. The “block list” also includes 1Xbet, MelBet, FonBet, FanSport, Joker and BetWinner.

According to the SBU, about 70% of the online gambling market in Ukraine is controlled by various illegal operators.

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