A New York couple has donated hundreds of baby formula products amid shortages, saying the government has failed to do so

Long Island, New York, a frustrated couple from A nationwide shortage of infant formula She raised thousands of dollars to donate baby formula products to local shelters with children.

Shahryar Ali said his wife, Hina Ghani, was the inspiration behind the fundraising drive, which drew nationwide attention, and helped them get milk into the hands of needy parents.

Ali and Ghani, who have a 2-year-old son and 3-month-old son, knew the agonizing feeling of searching for baby formula.

Ali told FOX Business that their second child was born in March, right after Abbott’s birth It closed its Michigan factory due to pollution issues.

Out of stock for kids had risen to over 73% nationwide by the end of May

Ali explained that shortly after the birth of their second son, Ghani began breastfeeding because the newborn had tongue-tie, which meant he could not latch onto his nipple.

A Long Island couple held a baby formula campaign to help parents in shelters who can’t get baby formula. (Shahriar Ali)

They were forced to use the formula. But Ali remembers having to drive to multiple stores to find any.

Just like other parents, Ali also faced purchase restrictions. However, these limitations are not “workable even when you don’t find them,” he said.

The Out of stock rate increased to 73.58% nationwide For the week ending May 29, according to recent data from Datasembly.

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Who is this 45% rate out of stock I mentioned just a few weeks ago.

The situation became overwhelming, Ali said, and in the end, Ghani collapsed.

Baby formula shortage hits crisis level and panics parents across the US

“She felt like she was a horrible mother,” he recalls. “She’s like, ‘I can’t feed my son. And now…there is no formula…what will happen to my son? ”

This moment, Ali said, was a wake-up call for him.

“This is something that has been happening since February, and now, all of a sudden, in May, when the supply ran out completely, there was nothing left. And then all of a sudden, the government woke up saying, ‘Oh Ali said,’ you know, we think we have something going on.” This is acceptable.”

baby milk motor

A Long Island couple organized a baby formula campaign to help parents in shelters who can’t get baby formula. (Shahriar Ali)

In the end, Ali and Ghani had an operation to repair his tongue tie. However, Ali realizes that many parents have no choice but to rely on formula. Even worse, some parents don’t even have vehicles to drive to find them.

To help, Ali used their foundation, Holiday Games, to raise money and raise baby formula products for shelters across Nassau County in early May.

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They started spreading the word through social media. Within a week, they received nearly $5,000. Talk quickly spread about their efforts. Eventually, people started sending their food products from all over the country from states like North Carolina, Florida, and New Jersey.

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Ali said the response was “quite overwhelming.”

Baby Milk Storage Rack

Store shelves lacked baby formula. (Fox News/Fox News)

Ali contacted local officials from Nassau County, who, he said, had helped greatly during the crisis. They linked him to the local social services department. They were later able to donate over 250 products to Eleven shelters in the area serve children.

Ali added that being a mother, especially for a newborn, is already “one of the hardest jobs”, and that the job is becoming more and more difficult.


“I think the government has let us down,” he said. “Mothers cry and stress to feed their children, something you think would happen in a third world country or in a developing country, not a strong and developed country like…America.”

Even after his donation, Ali says he has two parents who communicate with him Every day to help.

“This was an issue… that people should have known about in February. We’re now in June, and we’re still dealing with this,” Ali said.

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