A perfect storm. How Romania faces the global crisis with a state full of “cattle” and “idiots”.

Europe and the world are making feverish preparations for the coming energy crisis. It seems only a matter of time until then Russia will stop supplying gas and oil to the West. EU, USA, all member states are looking for solutions to prevent economic crisis and social disaster. Professionals, energy experts, top economists are key people looking for solutions around the world. At home, in Bucharest, companies are swarming.

With a few exceptions, state institutions and public officials are populated by PSD and PNL with party cells, mistresses, relatives. A agitated employee of the central administration plastically described the avalanche of squirrels and squirrels at the gates of ministries “”Government brothers.”

Many of them are so stupid that even cheaters in tournaments know it.

The best evidence is the job competition at the Ministry of Agriculture, which DNA says was rigged by former minister Chesnoyu (PSD). Here’s what he said Adrian Chesnoye According to him, it is about candidates who are going to help him get a ministerial position Transcripts published by G4Media:

  • Because these Fools! If you give them… take ten! Don’t do it… take ten! I don’t want tens! ”“ Believe me, I know how much he gives Stupid There are We’re up on TV!

There is no stronger evidence to diagnose the cancer of incompetence that is gnawing at the entire public administration. Can you imagine how the Ministry of Agriculture functions if the minister himself admits that the people he hires are “stupid”, “idiots”? Beware, we are talking about the Ministry of Agriculture, an essential institution at a time when Western politicians are warning that Vladimir Putin wants to trigger a global food crisis.

And the fish in the head stinks. The population of organizations with entire legions of incompetents such as party, relatives or spouses/lovers cannot walk without role models from the top. When the Prime Minister comes Nicole Ciuca, A politician with no political career and no qualifications in key sectors, when Petre Daya He is being promoted as Agriculture Minister for the fifth time Lucian Bode Despite his setbacks in the home ministry, he has been promoted politically, a signal of lower hierarchy is clear.

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It is also at the top of the state Laura Vicol, chairman of the House of Representatives Legal Committee, which butchered the integrity warning law. A representative of an organized group, the beneficiary of private planes worth tens of thousands of euros in Monaco – pure socialism of caviar – he is in the hands of PSD leader Marcel Ciolagu, despite the fact that the European Commission itself said in the report. Conformity as the amended law in the House is not correct. However, no one in the state held Laura Vicol accountable, no one questioned her position of great power, and no one spoke of the vulnerability of the state.

Marcel Ciolagu Promotes nullities on the conveyor belt based on individual criteria only. A certain Cristina Elena Argir ended up like this through different board of directors, with only one quality: she is the sister of Sorina Stan (former Dogus), who is a close friend of Marcel Ciolagu.

From the example of employers, we can reach outrageous cases such as those documented for half a year by G4Media, Economedia, Edupedu and many other independent publications.

In a monopoly with the state capital Transgaz, the boss Ion sterion This will earn 1.6 million lei in 2021, although the person does not even have specialized university studies. No matter what, it turned Transgaz into a collection of party files and bought the silence of the press with contracts on a conveyor belt for so-called journalists.

At ANRE, a major energy company, the situation is out of control. A recent college graduate was efficiently promoted to the office of the president with a salary of 3,000 euros per month. Zero experience, maximum leverage. At the top of the company, the situation is unimaginable. Former PSD trade unionist leader Dumitru SiritaA vacationer to an exotic country in the midst of a bill crisis.

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Ilian Aingu, Another PSD member holds a high position in ANRE, although the law he drafted led to ExxonMobil leaving Romania and a four-year delay in extracting gas from the largest deposits in the Black Sea. What is the name of this approach of the Romanian government that appointed Iulian Iancu? Self-sabotage? Fainting? Accomplice? Or just stupid?

to do radiocom, Another state-owned company, the deputy general manager, was a politically appointed 26-year-old PNL member. But he has pedigree: a ward of Minister Bode, the child of local heads of the secret services. The young man is so prestigious that the government institute gives him an MBA in the US with public money.

The entire government machinery, both local and central, is parasitised by idiots and incompetents who hold office only because of the party. It doesn’t matter whether it’s PSD, whether it’s PNL or UDMR. All three work according to a common mechanism: power and number of votes increase in proportion to the number of civil servants who owe their profession and party money. Party-state reflexes.

For the pyramid of values ​​to be correct, those who carry out political orders are rewarded. The judge who supported Nicolae Ciucă is retiring early with 21,000 lei per month. The judge who created the most shameful drive to defend Prime Minister Cheuka in the name of needing “political stability” is to be promoted.

The sums the party piles up are significant, and civil servants have become buyers of cars priced at 60,000 – 100,000 euros. People working in the car market are amazed at the number of government employees who can afford such cars.

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This is how you understand why the PSD insists on taxing big corporations more: it takes money, a lot of money, to put thousands of euros a month into the vast expanse of party cells.

Examples of idiots and incompetents put into office by parties are countless. Most of the mainstream media ignores them, no longer documenting them, and sometimes even censoring the startups of their own reporters. The reason is simple: the deterioration of the media is accelerated by the millions of euros that PSD, PNL and UDMR buy media peace and security.

The ranking of media freedom by Reporters Without Borders shows a dramatic decline of the Romanian press: it lost eight positions and was overtaken by the Moldovan press.

The European Commission on Wednesday added the Romanian press to a high-risk group for freedom of expression, along with media outlets in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia. The silent press, mesmerized by obscene money, lost its role as a vigilante and became a circus penguin.

The landscape is even more dramatic as we teeter on the brink of global energy and food crises. A minimum survival instinct means that in times of crisis, using experts, the government should improve the bracketed nulls. But we do not see this behavior even at 13 hours. Led by Ciucă, Daea and Chiriśă, the incompetent legions are preparing to march through Romania at one of the most delicate moments of the past decades.

Prepare for impact.

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