A Polish man killed his girlfriend in Thailand and asked a taxi driver to dismember her body via Google Translate.

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John Jersey Lakota-Filipov was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. Photo: Bangkok Police

A Polish businessman allegedly killed his girlfriend with a chainsaw, then used Google Translate to help a taxi driver cut her off for $44. Yahoo News. This incident happened in Thailand.

24-year-old Ukrainian model Alona Savchenko and her 25-year-old partner John Jersey Lakota-Filipov were staying in a luxury apartment in Bangkok. But two weeks later in the Thai capital, Savchenko’s body was found mutilated on a bed in the couple’s apartment, The Telegraph reported.

On the morning of May 15, Lakota-Filipov hurriedly left the building with his luggage in tow, and hotel staff became suspicious. But staff searched the couple’s room until the taxi driver she called called the hotel to be told the man had used Google Translate to help her mutilate a body.

There they saw a terrible sight. Savchenko’s face was covered in blood and his head was partially severed. His left hand was cut at the wrist and his chest was injured. Next to her body was a saw over half a meter long.

Thai police said the young woman may have died the day before she was found and that Lakota-Philipov, who owns a London-registered advertising agency, had tried to flee the country.

“I found out that he hired a taxi to take him to Cha Kaeo province. He may have tried to cross the border into Cambodia,” said Pongbon Phonhorn, one of the police officers involved in the investigation.

The police traced the taxi driver, Surasay Sabaibang, who had raised the alarm.

“I picked up a suspicious passenger who told me through Google Translate that he wanted to play in a casino. He asked me through the app to help him dismember his girlfriend’s body for 1,500 baht (about $44) because he couldn’t find a suitable place to play,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lakota-Filipov was arrested.

“The suspect was very calm when he was arrested. It was 4 in the morning when he was caught,” said Pongban Fonhorn.

“He drank coffee in his cell and started exercising as per his usual morning routine. He didn’t say anything,” said the policeman.

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