A Russian military group heads towards Zaporozhye, a Ukrainian official

A large column of Russian military vehicles passed through the occupied city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine on Friday to the Zaporozhye region, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol said on Saturday, the Russian defense minister said. Sergei Shoigu announced that he had ordered Russian troops to intensify their operations To prevent Ukrainian offensives in areas in eastern and southern Ukraine occupied by the Russian army, EFE reported.

A convoy of Russian troopsPhoto: AFP / AFP / Profimedia

“We still see the movement of (Russian) military equipment beyond Mariupol. Yesterday, a large convoy of about a hundred units of military equipment passed through the city in the direction of the Zaporozhye region,” the Ukrainian official was quoted as saying. telegram. , Peter Andryuchenko.

He said the column saw BMD-4 infantry fighting vehicles and numerous armored personnel carriers for transporting troops.

The same official also notes that a large number of Russian soldiers have settled in the villages bordering Zaporozhye region.

“They mainly settle in schools. Local residents report that most of the residents are very young. In discussions with them, some say they are doing compulsory military service,” the quoted source said.

Russians say they export grain from Zaporozhye

Meanwhile, the pro-Russian administration in Zaporozhye, a region partially occupied by Russian troops, announced that it would export large quantities of grain from the region.

“More than a hundred wagons have already been sent, and a contract for another 150,000 tons has been signed with a grain merchant,” Zaporozhye military chief Evgheni Politky told Telegram. He did not specify where the specific shipments were going, but they could be sent by rail to Russia or the Crimean Peninsula.

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According to Politky, another 100,000 tons of grain could be sent through the southern port of Berdyansk, which has been occupied by Russian troops since the February 24 aggression against Ukraine.

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian military has launched a counteroffensive in the south, while most Russian troops have concentrated in the east to capture the Donetsk region after the Russian military ended its occupation of the Luhansk region, although Ukrainian officials say Russian troops have failed. In still later administrative boundaries.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), after capturing the last major cities of Luhansk, Severodonetsk and Lysizyansk, respectively, Russian troops entered an “operational hiatus” before resuming the offensive in Donetsk Oblast. But the order given by ┼×oigu would mark the end of this hiatus. (Agerpres)

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