A Russian opponent, former head of the Yugoslav oil concerns, says Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is in critical condition after suffering a heart attack, and Putin has arrested 20 generals accused of corruption.

Leonid Neveslin, a Russian opponent fleeing to Israel, has arrested 20 generals accused by President Vladimir Putin of causing a “massive” heart attack and surviving with equipment, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the former head of the Yugos oil company. Corruption.

Nevslin posted this information on his Twitter account, which is due to Russian sources. This information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.

“Shoiku is out of the game and maybe if he survives he will become disabled. He had a sudden heart attack, is in intensive care and connected to devices. There are rumors that this heart attack did not occur for natural reasons,” Newslin wrote on Twitter.

The Russian-Israeli businessman says the generals were arrested for embezzling operating funds needed to seize political leadership in Ukraine. “Since 2014, about $ 10 billion allocated by Putin in preparation for a speedy war has been stolen,” Nevslin said.

We remind you that Shoi last appeared in public at Vladimir Shirinovsky’s politician’s funeral on April 8. (Photo source; Kremlin.ru via Wikimedia Commons)

Leonid Nevzlin’s post:

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