According to President Zhelensky, how many soldiers are there in Ukraine in the war with Russia?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Saturday that his country was defending itself against Russia’s war with 700,000 troops. Ukrainian Pravda.

Ukrainian soldiers are ready for warPhoto: Twitter

There are currently 700,000 people – the effect of 700,000 people fighting can be seen here. 700,000. This is during the war, “Zhelensky told reporters in Ukraine.

The Kyiv leader said 700,000 militants were spread across the country.

In view of the forces used by the Russian Federation, they used absolutely everything, even reserves and this type of “hidden mobilization”.

They redistributed troops, and in both Crimea and Belarus – there was an increase on different fronts. The President of Ukraine said that this was a huge block, adding that he did not believe that “any European country today can deal with such a block”.

But there is a difference, NATO countries have enough weapons, they have patriots, they have intensive air defense systems that can protect the sky from the initial blows used against Ukraine in the early days, he said.

Zhelensky believes that Ukraine is well-prepared for war – many things unknown to Russia – and that this product, as predicted by military and intelligence analysts, prevented the occupation of Ukraine in the early days.

Ukraine has been in a state of war for a long time and it is not just fighting in the Donbass: there have been cyber attacks, there have been economic and financial measures, blocking and reducing the supply of energy, shortages of petrol and more, he added.

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