After 4 years a woman found her lost luggage on a plane. Where was it and what happened to its contents?

The suitcase of an Oregon woman who went missing on a United Airlines flight from Chicago has been found 4 years later.

April Gavin posted a series of videos on TikTok explaining how she lost her luggage while returning home from a business trip in August 2018.

After months of searching, the woman said the airline reported the disappearance of the luggage as a mystery. He received compensation for some lost items.

Four years later, this week, the victim’s suitcase was reportedly turned up at an airport in Houston. The woman was surprised to learn that the luggage had arrived on a flight from Honduras.

“He was in Honduras and who knows where else he went. But he was from Honduras and went to Houston, Texas. They called me,” declared the owner of the luggage.

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@aprildgavin Thanks for the encouragement United Airlines! #LostLuggage is back ♬ Original Sound – AprilDGavin

The woman said the suitcase was slightly damaged and worn when she received it, but the contents were intact.

According to the airline, it was difficult to find the bag because it was not properly scanned before the flight to Chicago.

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