Alexander Tolkopolov was armed to the teeth during the war in Ukraine. News to the Russians + How he introduced weapons into the country

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The former World No. 13 gave an interview to the Ukrainian press, where he elaborates on how he trained for this war.

Alexander Tolkopolov fights against Russian invasion of Ukraine

“The war in Turkey has taken hold of me. I came there the day before it started and told my mother and sister to come here. Why did I do that? I understand, even if everyone denies and mocks the information provided by the United States, that the invasion of Kiev is possible.

In the early days I thought of a plan that could be useful. I came to the conclusion that this attack would cause panic and that I could make the biggest contribution using the number of people who follow me on Twitter and the stigma I have gained internationally.

I knew I could tell the truth to the world and raise funds in support of the military. They had to take everything seriously. A few days later, my beautiful Ukraine was destroyed. People understood what was going on and I did not need to tell the truth.Tolkopolov, according to the publication

Alexander Tolkopolov trained with a former Turkish soldier

Tolkopolov posted a picture on social media with the weapon, bulletproof vest, helmet, belt and magazine: “I used rockets and fittings. Now I use this.”.

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Ukrainian Alexander Tolkopolov sends a threatening message to the Russians: “In 3 of 5 attempts they can target the opponent’s head

The Ukrainian, who retired from tennis last year due to injury, trained with a soldier in Turkey.

“In the meantime, I started training with real weapons, I was lucky to be in Turkey and a former soldier who helped me understand my problems and opened up.

Of course you will not become a perfect warrior in 5-7 days, but I’m already fine, I feel comfortable with the weapons, I can aim at the opponent’s head from a distance of 25 meters in 3 of 5 attempts. “Tolkopolov said.

Alexander Tolkopolov revealed how he was able to enter the country with weapons to his teeth.

“We carefully planned to return home. We saw some people flying in from the United States. Everyone collected as many weapons as he could. We met in Zagreb, where we bought some thermal scanners, other weapons and other supplies.

Now, after a long day, with the help of many, we have crossed the Polish border. I have come to Kiev and I am ready to defend my country. This is my homeland and I will do my best for it. (…) I’ll still be in Kiev forever!Tolkopolov said.

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