All-star tie-breaker game at home run derby

The All-Star Game usually precedes the Home Run Derby the day before. But if the All-Star are tied after nine runs, another Home Run derby will come out.

Beginning with the Tuesday Night All-Star Game presented by MasterCard and continuing at least through the term of the current collective bargaining agreement, any All-Star game tied after nine rounds will be settled not with additional rounds but with the All-Star Tiebreaker determined by the Zinger.

Here’s how it will work:

Each MLS and National League team managers will select three players (and one substitute in case of injury) from their list who have agreed to participate, as well as three coaches for batting practice. Each player will get three flips, and the team with the highest homer total after those three rounds will be declared the winner of the game.

If this happens, on Tuesday the players for each side will be:

AL: T-France, Julio Rodriguez, Kyle Tucker
NL: Pete Alonso, Ronald Acuna Jr., Kyle Schwarber

Play will be paused briefly to allow the ground crew to reconfigure the field. Each player participating will get three flips to hit as many home runs as possible. Each player can take an unlimited number of pitches without counting them against the total swing.

Players on each team may strike in any order, alternating between the two teams. The visiting team (AL) will hit first, and the home team (NL) will hit second. Once all six participants have completed their flips, the team with the most home hits will be declared the winner of the All-Star Game. In the event of a tie, each manager must choose one of the participating players to take three swings to break the tie. This face-to-face coordination will continue until the tie is broken. The manager is allowed to choose a different hitter to participate in subsequent rounds head-on, as long as he is one of the original three batsmen (or the alternate in the event of an injury).

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If all of this really happened, the game would be counted in the record books as a draw with the noting that one league defeated the other in a home swing round, and there would be no winning or losing bowler. In addition, the All-Star Game MVP award will be based on what happened in the game in the ninth round.

The new format was negotiated as part of the CBA that went into effect this season. It will be in place at least for the duration of the CBA, which runs through 2026.

The All-Star has gone to additional rounds 13 times, most recently the 2018 game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., which the AL won, 8-6, in 10 runs.

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