AMD releases new Bergamo data center CPU to take on Nvidia and Intel

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. launched officially announced its next-generation data center CPU at the premiere data center and AI technology show event in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Shipping Now, AMD’s AMD,
Codenamed Bergamo, the fourth-generation Epyc data center CPU is intended to compete with Nvidia Corp.’s NVDA.
Grace Hopper data center CPU.

Like Nvidia, AMD has been swept up in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology hype that has gone mainstream amid the popularity of Microsoft Corp. MSFT,
Powered by OpenAI’s Genative-AI ChatGPT, because all large language models and other AI technologies require a lot of computing power from data centers.

AMD claims that its 128-core-per-socket CPUs excel in power efficiency while using fewer servers. During her keynote, AMD President and CEO Lisa Su said the chip delivered 1.8x performance per watt, compared to Intel Corp.’s INTC.
4th generation Xeon Platinum CPU.

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Last year, Su described AI as “our single highest growth opportunity, and our biggest growth opportunity over the next few years.”

AMD shares are down 0.3% in recent trading, while SOX semiconductor PHLX is down,
The S&P 500 SPX rose 1.6%,
gained 0.8%, and the high-tech Nasdaq Composite Index,
It rose 0.9%.

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