AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X3D at $229 is a Micro Center exclusive

In a surprising turn of events, AMD has announced a new processor for its aging AM4 platform. The Ryzen 5 5600X3D brings the company A six-core processor and 12 threads. On top of that, AMD plans to sell the CPU for a modest $229, but there’s a catch. The company will show the new processor only through an American retailer, such as Don’t ship most of what you sell to online shoppers. Furthermore, stock of the 5600X3D will be limited, with CPU sales ending once Micro Center supplies run out.

It’s all a shame because the 5600X3D could be a great upgrade for those looking to extend the life of their AM4 motherboard and get a little extra gaming performance. Like the 5600X3D, it trades in a slower clock speed and higher power consumption for a 96MB L3 cache. With the 5800X3D, that’s a bunch of features that make for a slower processor in some tasks, but generally great for gaming. The expanded L3 cache often translates to less throttling in games, which means you can get the maximum possible performance out of your GPU. Moreover, the fact that it is an AM4 processor means that you can save on a new design because you will not need to purchase DDR5 RAM.

The 5600X3D will go on sale July 7th.

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