An American researcher, a valuable target of the Russians, is rescued from Mariupol by a team of American soldiers – Video

A spectacular rescue operation set up by a group of US soldiers for more than a month has been successfully completed in Ukraine. The aim is to isolate an American researcher from the dangerous city of Mariupol, which was destroyed by the Russians after a scene of bloody clashes. ABC News reported. John Spore He was a valuable target for Moscow because he worked for the U.S. military in laser-guided weapons systems. The Ukrainian security team took the American nuclear researcher inside and outside the cityA Eventually, he came to Poland, where he was reunited with his family.

“Tonight is the news of the dramatic escape of an American nuclear researcher from Russian-occupied Ukraine. You can see John Spore in a white T-shirt as the Ukrainian security team walks out on Mariupol. After the disappearance, he (Ed. Sport) says Chechen fighters, with the support of the Russians, went to his house twice and looted everything He contacted ABC News.

They hunted me down. There is no other way to do thatSaid John Spore.

Was arranged to rescue him Project DynamoA group based in Tampa (Florida, USA) consisting of American soldiers who claim that the spore was considered a highly valued target, especially due to the sophisticated nature of its work, laser guided weapons.

The project dynamo team says the spore was able to pass through more than 30 Russian checkpoints in eastern Ukraine. He then drove for about 20 hours and traveled to Poland for the rest of the country.

In Poland he had an emotional reunion with his family. John Spore, who contacted the rescue team, was welcomed by his son and sister.

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I was relieved. It was wonderful to see them. I was in danger until I crossed the Polish borderSaid John Spore.

Project Dynamo members say they worked for a month on this complex and dangerous mission to save researcher John Spore.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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