An inquiry and clarification of the situation was ordered by competent institutions

Yulia Navalny, the wife of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, says she was spun in Chisinau. In a post on his Instagram page, he posted that he was detained at Chisinau airport for further checks and after arriving at the hotel, he realized he was being followed.

In this context, Iulia Navalny came to Maia Sandu with a question: “Dear Maia Sandu, why are you following me”. “I went to the checkpoint, I was very politely taken to a separate room, they put me in a metal box. I asked them why I was holding back, and they said that this is a common practice for first-time visitors to the country. Hospitality, what can I say,” said Yulia. Navalny.

She admitted that she was asked where she would be staying and if she had a return ticket, but after submitting the information, she was not provided and her passport was not returned. And she says the policeman took pictures of every page of her passport on his phone and eventually asked her if she wanted to enter Moldova.

The President of the Republic of Moldova responded to Ilia Navalny’s allegations. “It was ordered by competent institutions to investigate and clarify the situation – upon arrival in the country, in relation to the checks he underwent at the Chisinau airport and his alleged pursuit.

Since February 24, all foreigners from the CIS or countries with a migration risk are subject to additional control procedures upon entering the Republic of Moldova. It is the duty of the companies to carry out these checks in accordance with the law and with proper approach,” the President’s statement said.

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Following Yulia Navalny’s statement regarding additional checks at the Chisinau International Airport border crossing, the Border Police announced that it had declared a state of war-related emergency after February 24. In the immediate vicinity of the state border of the Republic of Moldova, all foreign citizens pass a special control upon entering the country, avoiding security risks. These checks are extended to the concerned person.

“The special control procedure for crossing the state border is one for everyone and no exceptions are allowed,” the Border Police statement said.

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