An old friend of Biden’s has publicly asked the family to talk to the president about withdrawing his candidacy. He says otherwise what will happen

Calls for Joe Biden to abandon the idea of ​​campaigning for another term continue after the president’s confusion and lack of vitality in a debate with Donald Trump shocked not only America but the entire free world.

Joe Biden, Photo: Inquam Photos / George Colin

“I’ve been friends with Joe Biden since 2001. Until now, I’ve been willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt because in the moments I’ve spoken to him face-to-face, I’ve found him to be capable of getting the job done. It’s clear that’s no longer the case. His family and his staff should know that, ” said author and professor Thomas L. Friedman wrote in an essay. The New York Times.

He says he watched the debate “with great sadness”, “alone in a hotel room”. The tragedy that comes right from the results of the conflict: “Joe Biden, a good man and a good president, has no reason to run for re-election. And Donald Trump, a malicious man and a petty president, has learned and forgotten nothing. He is the same vile liar he always is, and his Obsessed with grievances – it will take anywhere to lead America in the 21st century.

Thomas L. We live in times where the impact of artificial intelligence is immense. Friedman says and laments that neither Biden nor Trump talked about how it would change the way we work, learn and live. Amid the climate crisis.

“The Biden family and political team must come together as soon as possible to have a very difficult conversation with the president, a conversation about love, clarity and commitment. “To give America the best chance to fend off the ‘Trump threat’ in November, the president must come out and say he will not seek re-election, and the Democratic National Freeing all of his delegates to the convention,” Friedman said.

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If he quits, Friedman says, “Biden will do what Trump never did: put the country before his own interests.”

“But if he loses to Trump, Biden and his family — his staff and party members who allowed him to do so — will no longer be able to show their faces, even a friend of Biden’s.” .

“They deserve more. America needs more. The world needs more,” concludes Thomas L. Friedman in his public appeal to his friend, President Biden.

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