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Christian Tudor Popescu criticized Sorana Cirstia, calling her “Miss Mac” for her position on men, women and children. More precisely, the CTP simply unleashed on our sportswoman: “The slur from the mouth of our beautiful tennis player went like this: “Masculinize men again. Make women women again. Make the children innocent again”. “Make America Great Again” is still missing, right?”, writes the journalist.

CTP does not excuse D Ion and Iriac Jr.

Christian Tudor Popescu jumps like a fire following the intervention of Ion Cyriac Jr., the lover of Sorana Cirstea: “And how to do with men, women and children according to Miss Mac’s wishes – let’s put them in mental hospitals, “re-educate” them. “, let’s operate on their brains, some priests do exorcisms? Does all of this apply to Daria Kasatkina, whom Sorana might meet, and to all the players on the circuit who have declared their sexual orientation differently from the gender trend that Ion Cyriak Jr. mouthpieces?

Can’t we just leave them alone and live with them and with them, as God left them? Because, according to Pope Francis, they are also his children… I will ask one more question: Why does she bother to write like that in the middle of Wimbledon, when she should be fully focused on tennis? “, a comment made by CTP after Sorana Cirstia’s post.

Victor Ciutacu: CTP is like an alcoholic uncle from Romanian weddings, from the country

Journalist Victor Ciudacu wanted to intervene after the message sent by Christian Tudor Popeescu to Sorana Cirstia: “How a title with a public potential for corruption appears in the market, how decadence emerges and emits a magnificence so that the world notices it.”.

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“The CDP is like the drunken uncle at Romanian weddings. The one who sticks his head in all the movies, the one who comes in the middle of the party with his shirt off his navel and pretends to be the bride, the one who tells dirty tricks at all the tables, the one who tells naughty stories from childhood, the servant of God.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of him and peace. This is what this old out-of-date with no business is doing now. How a topic with a public capacity for corruption appears in the market, how the corruption unfolds and emits an enormity so that the world notices it. I’m surprised he missed the asylum scandal, tomorrow we’ll see his bald head shining in the sun at the turning point,” wrote Victor Ciudacu on his Facebook account.

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