Analyst: Putin had a surprise, he found only 3 transnistrians ready to fight as mercenaries. He has no one to occupy Moldova

In an interview with PRO TV news, political analyst Christian Purvulesku said that the lack of interest on the part of the people living in the separatist region in fighting on the Russian side had, in fact, left Transnistria in large numbers in Moldova. “So there is not much excitement in Transnistria about this situation,” he said.

The full interview can be seen in the video above.

“Russians do not have enough troops to occupy Donbass, let alone Moldova”

At the time, Putin did not want to invade Moldova or attack Odessa from Transnistria because he did not have the resources he needed.

“(The Russians) do not have enough troops to occupy Donbass, let alone Moldova,” he said, adding that there was a risk of challenges aimed at destabilizing the region.

“At the moment, the risks of an attack from Transnistria to Odessa are low. Instead, the risks of new challenges, especially with the May 9 approach, are important.

“Russia wants to turn Moldova into a satellite country, not occupy it”

On the other hand, P├órvulescu said that the idea that the Russians were thinking of destabilizing Moldova should be taken very seriously, and that instability, in a particular context, could lead to the accumulation of troops in the direction of Moldova. “But for now, they have nowhere to go,” he said.

“Russia is interested not in occupying Moldova, but in turning Moldova into a satellite country. Or, for that matter, to operate in Moldova. Mass and proxy teams will be needed.

Russia plans to attack the Republic of Moldova to open a new front against Ukraine, according to sources in the Kiev intelligence service, citing the popular daily The Times.

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“We believe that the Kremlin has already decided to attack the Republic of Moldova. The fate of Moldova is important. If the Russians can control the country, we (Ukraine) will suffer greatly from a military point of view – this will be a threat to the unity of Ukraine,” the Times said.

On the other hand, Moldovan Defense Ministry spokeswoman Ala Dikono told PRO TV Chisinau on Monday that “at the moment, there are no signs that the Republic of Moldova is in danger.”

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