Angela Merkel says ‘we must not shrink our minds’ on solution to end Ukraine war

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Angela Merkel. Photo: Profimedia Images

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said we must not be “too narrow-minded” when it comes to finding a solution to end Russia’s war in Ukraine. Ukrainska Pravda reportsCiting European publications Pravda and ZDF.

“What’s important to me – and we’ve always tried – is that we don’t reduce our borders too much. When someone like Wolfgang Ischinger, the former head of the Munich Security Conference, says that at some point we have to think about the fact that we have to negotiate, we shouldn’t shout at him immediately,” he said. Merkel said.

Merkel defended her policy on Russia and energy policy decisions that left Germany heavily dependent on Russian gas. “I would have liked to import gas from the UK and Norway and the Netherlands, as we have been doing. But that is no longer available. For us, the question is: more expensive LNG – a third more expensive – or cheaper Russian gas,” the former German chancellor said.

In retrospect, Merkel did not answer the question why she was not comfortable admitting her mistakes. “To be honest, I don’t know if it will have a calming effect if I say something now that I didn’t think, and now admit the mistake,” Angela Merkel said.

Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor for 16 years, has been criticized for her openness to Moscow and Vladimir Putin, but also for her decision not to offer Ukraine a road map to NATO membership at a summit in Bucharest in 2008.

Merkel, a fluent Russian speaker after growing up in former communist East Germany, has drawn criticism from the United States and other countries for her support for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, designed to deliver Russian gas directly to Germany. His successor, Olaf Scholes, abandoned the project.

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