Another five years of “Zero-Govt” policy with mass testing and controls. How the outrageous announcement in Beijing has changed

Beijing officials have announced that a strict zero-Govt policy could continue for the next five years, during which time mandatory mass checks and travel restrictions will be in place. He writes that the announcement caused panic and dissatisfaction among the people Defender.

Cai Qi, the Beijing secretary of the Communist Party of China, made the announcement and the original text: “Over the next five years, Beijing will continue its efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.” After it spread widely on social media, the tag “Five Years” was removed from most online publications, and a hashtag with posts on this topic was removed on Weibo.

Therefore, Chinese authorities must strictly administer a common mechanism for integrating infection control and control, including emergency measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus through “isolation, management and control”. As soon as they appear [noi cazuri]”. Home checks, mass checks and city entry and exit surveillance will also continue.

Monday’s announcement and the change that followed caused outrage and confusion among Beijing residents.

“The countdown has begun to leave China,” the Weibo user wrote.

“The ultimate goal of the fight against the epidemic is to return to normal life and everyone seems to have forgotten this,” said another.

The hashtag referring to the fact that “Beijing will monitor the epidemic for the next five years” was viewed almost a million times before being removed in the next few hours.

Officials did not provide further details on the strategy or elimination of the five-year memorandum.

Some have commented that the phrase “five years” is often used in government announcements or misused by the Beijing Daily. In turn, the publication did not provide an overview in this regard.

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China’s “Zero-Govit” strategy has been shown to be effective during the first eruption of corona virus strains, but has been challenged due to its high spread rate during the spread of the Omigran variant.

This policy led to long-term regulatory measures, which created chaos and affected the Shanghai economy, as well as free movement in Beijing. Many cities and provinces sought compulsory mass testing every few days for residents who wished to travel around the city. Shanghai authorities did not report any new epidemics over the weekend for the first time since March. However, the threats continue with new restrictions and restrictions.

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