“Another misfortune arises” Carmen Harra, Predictions about monkey pox and the evolution of war in Ukraine

Asked how she sees the evolution of the monkey’s greatness, Carmen Harra said.

“In my view, I do not see this virus getting the proportions that Kovid has taken. By no means. But it’s always interesting that something happens.

When one is over, another will appear in seasons like this, another misfortune will appear, it should keep us always tense, scare us, worry, change our plans and get out of default.

I was trapped in a collective misconception. The sage says there is energy somewhere Carmen Harra aired a live interview on her social media page.

Asked about the war, Carmen Harra said, “The danger of a war and the nuclear war is absolutely immediate at this time.”

“There is danger, we need to know how to protect it. We are going through a very difficult stage in our mental development, in our psychological psyche.

It hurts me so much to have these problems, this young generation that is completely confused and does not know which way to go, suffering from panic, anxiety and rebellion against what is happening, “said Carmen Harra.

Recall that earlier this year Carmen Harra predicted a possible conflict a month later between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, he gave several explanations Vladimir PutinNATO, Moldova and Poland.

“Russia will attack Ukraine. Putin will not give up, he will implement it is the old plan. But it will lose his head. He will pay the presidency for his escape, which will happen.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Pitton’s political agenda. Putin knows that Biden is too weak and is taking advantage of his weakness.

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In fact, Biden is very competitive in the United States and will continue to be challenged, I do not know what will happen to him …

I said last year 2022 is the year of political upheaval. What we see are political upheavals To usIn Russia, in France …

In fact, other countries will be involved in this tragedy that begins with the war between Russia and Ukraine. The political implications are very serious and very ugly. This was the first real war to take place after World War II. 60 years later, we are back, with planetary influences coming back to show past karmas again and again.

This is an episode that follows politics, economics, inflation and more.

Now, a well-known therapist warns that we are not dealing with a conflict that will end soon. Putin has a terrible plan and has grown well and well. He will re-enter Moldova and Georgia and then attack Poland. All of this will take longer than we can now estimate or expect.

“Putin has long been preparing for a military coup and is waiting for the political moment to launch this attack, which is far more complicated than we think. His plans are far larger than we realize.

The only downside is that we are not ready. NATO is not ready, America is not ready. No one intervened as they should, “said Carmen Harra.

“Putin is not impressed by the sanctions, he is actually threatening to launch a cyber attack.

However, the biggest risk that no one discusses or pays attention to is when the two fight, the third wins. The worst part is China, no one thinks about it, it wants to get Taiwan back, and it can take advantage of this chaotic situation, ‚ÄĚCarmen Harra warned.

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Putin will withdraw from Moldova and attack Poland

“Putin will not only recapture Moldova and Georgia, he will try to gain as much strength as he can. Putin is not afraid, he has a terrible mind and he is ready.

The story is not good … I do not want to make negative predictions for you, but prayers alone will not save us from this war of knocking on the door. I feel that Romania is protected at this point by NATO. I see danger in Poland. The Russians could join NATO, but not Romania.

The plan is evil, the war will continue, this is just the beginning. Do not think it will take two or three days, you are done. This is not a plan, “said Carmen, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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