Another Russian general died in Ukraine. Vladimir Frolov was deputy commander of the 8th Army

Russian General Vladimir Frolov, deputy commander of Russia’s 8th Army, was killed in Ukraine this week. The news came just Saturday after the general’s burial in St. Petersburg, the country’s second-largest city, indirectly announced by a message of condolence sent by the municipality.

The city of St. Petersburg has expressed its condolences over the death of Major General Vladimir Frolo, Deputy Commander of the 8th Russian Army in Ukraine this week. St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beklov attended the funeral on Saturday at the Seraphimovsky Historical Cemetery. communication.

“Today we say goodbye to a true hero. Vladimir Petrovich Frolov was martyred in the struggle against the Ukrainian nationalists. He sacrificed his life so that the women, children and the elderly in Donbass would no longer hear the sound of bombs. So they will not wait for death, and will not say goodbye as they leave the house as they go last, ”Governor St. Petersburg was quoted as saying.

Vladimir Frolov is said to be the eighth Russian general to lose his life in the war in Ukraine, an unusually high number, analysts said. Former CIA chief David Petraeus said this was evidence that the Russian military’s command and control apparatus was not working.

In fact, the number of Russian top officials who have died in Ukraine has already reached several dozen. A few days ago, the death of Lieutenant Colonel Denis Mezue, commander of the Sevastopol Motorized Brigade, the 40th top military commander who had lost Russia’s lead in the 50-day war, was announced.

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Russia has reportedly lost about 20,000 people to Ukraine since the invasion began on February 24.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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