Awesome! The city that did not receive you if you have APPENDIX in your stomach. What is the reason

Author: Alexandru Buzica

In fact, appendicectomy is a condition of living in Villas Los Estrelos, including children, who are one of two settlements on the frozen continent where people are not weeks or months, not years or months.

Located on a free base in Chile on King George Island, this outpost has a maximum capacity of 100 people, mostly military and researchers.

Those with long-term contracts bring their families to Spartan immigration with no connection to a post office, bank, a small school and other essentials.

Preventive bowel surgery may seem like a tragic ritual start, but it was accepted for serious reasons.

The nearest hospital is 1,000 kilometers north of the island.

They are not the only precautions that residents of Villas Los Estrelos should take. When the temperature drops to -75 degrees Celsius, they should stay indoors to avoid endangering their lives.

And do not take your pet for granted. Dogs are banned on the island because they spread the disease to local wildlife.

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Tourists are invited to go skiing or snowboarding, as well as to the nearby Bellingshausen Station to learn about the polar auroras.

Although reserved for all three computers in the school, the site has Internet access.

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