Awkward moment at Orhei. Marcel Pavel, invited to sing at the Russophiles of Șor rally, woke up to an empty square: “Why did you leave?”

On Sunday, in Orhei, Marcel Pavel gave a concert at a demonstration organized by the ŞOR political party, but without a large audience, reports said.

Well-known singer Marcel Pavel performed a concert during an anti-government rally in Orhei, Republic of Moldova, but the crowd was not very interested in the artistic moment, and the attendance was not large. The organized event was almost empty.

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At one point, during the concert, even Marcel Pavel asked: “Where are you? Why are you gone?” And he also came up with the answer: “Probably talking too much that’s why…”. To maintain the “atmosphere”, the singer encouraged people to dance and clap.

During the rally, which was organized and paid for by the ŞOR party, pro-Russian, anti-EU, anti-NATO and anti-Maya Sandu messages were sent. On Sunday, the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau hosted the “European Moldova” National Assembly, convened by the country’s President Mia Sandu, with around 75,000 people participating.

Author: Bianca Cyrilla

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