Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warns that “purge” is coming to Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the main ally of the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko He started hinting at what might happen next Russia’s warAnd that doesn’t look pretty.

Lukashenko claimed this weekend that he thinks it’s time Europe To counter “moral cleansing”.

“It is time for forgotten Europe to be morally cleansed,” Lukashenko said, without elaborating on what that would entail, according to Lukashenko. Belta.

Lukashenko stated that efforts to fight the Nazis from World War II, or what Russia calls the “Great Patriotic War,” are far from over – echoing Russia’s false claims that they are waging a war in Ukraine in order to “discredit” or fight the Nazis in Ukraine.

It is “a war to destroy Slavic races, cultures and nations. We often say today that this war is not over yet”, Lukashenko said. “It is not over yet because not everyone who participated in the hideous facts of that war has been punished. That war is not over yet because once again, as on the front lines, we are defending our historical memory.”

His plans for a “purge” in Europe coincide with Lukashenko’s allegations that Ukraine is escalating tensions with Belarus. Lukashenko claimed on Sunday that Ukrainian forces fired missiles at Belarus, which he said were successfully shot down by the Belarusian military.

‘We are being provoked’ He said, without providing evidence that the missiles did indeed target Belarusian military sites. They are still trying to drag us into the war in Ukraine. The goal is to get rid of Russia and Belarus at once.”

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His disturbing comments come just weeks after the Belarusian authorities announce The government will set up a new military unit on the border with Ukraine, form a people’s militia, and launch new exercises to prepare for war — moves that have raised concerns US officials that Putin may rely on Lukashenko To work in Ukraine.

This weekend Lukashenko warned that the military forces of Belarus and Russia are united and that they have formed one army.

We are the only country that supports the Russians in this struggle. Those who scold us, do you not know that we have the closest alliance with the Russian Federation? With a state with which we build one strong and independent state, Lukashenko saidAdding that he decided a long time ago that Belarus would take part in the war. “We were and will remain with our sister Russia.”

The escalation in hostile statements coming from Belarus comes just days after Lukashenko and Putin met at the Constantine Palace in Saint Petersburg, where Putin suggested Countries are getting closer than ever.

Despite this, Lukashenko retracted some of his statements and tried to convey that he had no intention of Belarus to attack Ukraine or go to war with Ukraine.

‘We don’t need this war’ He said.

Ukrainian intelligence officials sought to downplay Russian efforts to use Belarus, as it had done early in the war, as a springboard for a further attack on Ukraine as well.

“the number [of Russian troops in Belarus] Kirillo Budanov, chief Ukrainian military intelligence official said, According to Pravda.

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Budanov suggested that there was no immediate concern that Belarus would invade Ukraine.

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