Belgium delivers the first F-16 aircraft to Ukraine this year – with conditions – Politico

“Now, Russia is trying to bring more destruction to Ukraine and kill more people,” Zelensky said. “Putin has only one mechanism of influence, which is to destroy lives. He is unable to do anything else.”

Zelensky added that Putin is “doing everything” to disrupt the peace summit scheduled to be held in Switzerland in June and prolong the war.

Zelensky said, “The peace summit needs President Biden,” referring to US President Joe Biden, who has not yet pledged to attend. Zelensky added that his absence would benefit Putin.

On Tuesday, Belgium also pledged support to Ukraine over the 10-year term of the agreement. The agreement includes a wide range of support, including modern armored vehicles, air force equipment, maritime security, mine clearance, and military training.

Belgium has committed to supplying 30 F-16 fighter jets before 2028.

Zelensky’s visit to Belgium was initially scheduled earlier but was postponed due to Russian forces Moving forward in Ukraine.

De Croo’s agreement with Ukraine comes shortly before Belgian federal elections scheduled for June 9, after which the interim government will not be able to make major foreign policy decisions. The far-right Vlaams Belang party is expected to become the largest party.

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