Biden’s awkward moments with Giorgia Meloni, G7 world leaders

After walking a few feet, President Biden was seen giving someone an enthusiastic thumbs up.

US President Joe Biden, prone to mistakes, was seen awkwardly greeting Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni after arriving in Italy for the G7 summit on Thursday. Later, he appeared to be walking among a group of leaders while posing for a photo.

In a video of the interaction, Biden was seen walking slowly onto the stage to meet Ms. Meloni. The two exchanged hugs and talked for a few moments before the US President raised his hand to his forehead and saluted her, before slowly leaving the stage.

In another video, the 81-year-old, often criticized for his insensitivity, was seen smiling and slowly walking away from a group of world leaders. After walking a few feet, he excitedly points at someone. As the camera moves towards him, no one can be seen standing in that direction.

Soon the Italian Prime Minister comes to his rescue, turning his attention to the group of leaders as they pose for a photo. Then Biden returns to the group.

This comes days after he was subjected to relentless criticism from Republicans who mocked him for remaining motionless for nearly a minute during a musical performance at the White House.

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While Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, who were standing next to the president, were seen dancing and laughing throughout the show, Biden’s gaze was fixed as he appeared frozen.

Because of his exposure to such mistakes and errors, Biden was ridiculed by his rivals in an attempt to discredit him as a viable presidential candidate due to his advanced age.

This is not the first time that the American leader has faced a critical moment with another world leader. In February, the president mixed up the name of French President Emmanuel Macron with former leader François Mitterrand, who died nearly 30 years ago. In another error, he confused the naming of his running mate, incorrectly promoting her to his job by calling her “President Kamala Harris.”

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