Biden’s speech today: Jane Psaki’s return to the podium with career stride in full swing as president lauds jobs report

Watch live as Biden discusses March jobs report as unemployment rate drops

President Joe Biden made remarks this morning praising other successful jobs reports that see employment returning to pre-pandemic levels and unemployment dropping to a level not seen since 1969.

While inflation remains a major concern for Americans, Biden has also ordered the release of over 1 million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the next six months in an effort to control prices that have risen since the United States and its allies. Severe sanctions were imposed on Russia after it began its war on Ukraine.

In response to reporters’ questions on Thursday, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin “appears to be aloof and there are some indications that he has fired some of his advisers or placed them under house arrest.”

Meanwhile, new reports indicate that White House press secretary Jen Psaki will leave her post this spring to take up a job at MSNBC. It has long been speculated that Ms. Psaki will leave management shortly after holding this position for more than a year.


Ms. Psaki was asked if she would be leaving the White House for MSNBC.

“Well, you can’t get rid of me yet, Ed. I have nothing to confirm regarding the length of public service…”

“I have nothing to confirm … about the following plans,” she adds.

“I remain focused every day on answering your questions on behalf of the President.”

“I have complied with all the requirements of ethics,” Ms. Psaki adds with regard to any future employment. “I’ve always gone above and beyond the strict ethical requirements of the Biden administration.”

Pressed further – by NBC’s Kristen Welker – she was asked how she could continue to be an effective briefer if she already had plans to join a media outlet.

Ms. Psaki reiterates that she has nothing to declare, but acknowledges that she has spoken to a White House counsel about possible next steps and maintains that she is complying with ethical standards.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 20:25


Speaking about the CDC’s decision to end Address 42 on the southern border on April 23, Ms. Psaki said of the three-week wait: “It’s always been important to have an implementation period and the schedule reflects that.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 20:17


The White House is pleased with the decision of Amazon workers in New York to form unions.

“Amazon workers in Staten Island made the choice to organize a grassroots union and bargain for better jobs and a better life,” says Ms. Psaki.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 20:15


“There is an ongoing recovery in the labor market with strong momentum that creates jobs for American families.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:57


“The headwinds of the Delta, Omicron and even the war in Europe have not been able to derail the recovery of our economy,” said Jared Bernstein of the Council of Economic Advisers, speaking at the White House press conference on the latest jobs report.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:52


Live – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing amid rumors of resignation

Watch live as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing amid rumors of resignation

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:32


More details about Psaki’s contract negotiations

A source familiar with the negotiations between Jen Psaki and MSNBC reveals that in order to avoid any conflicts of interest or breaches of ethics, the White House press secretary will not appear on NBC or MSNBC and has not done so since the discussions became serious.

Nor does it participate in any discussions about White House staff or administration directors who appear on NBC properties for interviews.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:30


The return of the press secretary

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will return to the conference room podium this afternoon after recovering from a bout of Covid-19.

She is back in place amid reports that she will be leaving the Biden administration and will play a radio role on MSNBC and Peacock in the very near future.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:15


Mansion: End of Title 42 “A Scary Decision”

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is not happy with the CDC’s announcement about the end of Address 42 on the southern border.

Today’s announcement by the CDC and the Biden administration is a frightening decision. Address 42 has been an essential tool in combating the spread of Covid-19 and controlling the flow of migrants at our southern border.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 18:50


Amazon workers declare victory with the company’s first American union

Amazon its employees New York City declared victory following the preliminary results of union Elections at the Staten Island warehouse, where employees voted to form the company’s first union warehouse workers In the United States, a bitter defeat for one of the world’s largest companies during a historic wave of labor organizing across the country.

Nearly 6,000 people work at the JFK8 warehouse, which is the company’s largest fulfillment center in New York.

Amazon workers declare victory in historic union elections in New York

Amazon workers in New York City declared victory after preliminary results of a union election in a Staten Island warehouse, where employees voted to form the company’s first union among warehouse workers in the United States, a bitter defeat for one of the world’s largest. During the historic wave of organizing workers across the country.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 18:35

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