Boiko Borissov’s party is in the lead, far ahead of the party of reformist former prime minister Kirill Petkov.

Seven parties enter parliament in Sofia following early parliamentary elections on October 2. Radar reports that this is what the results of a survey by the Trend Sociological Agency commissioned by the “24 Chasa” newspaper show.

Compared to July, the GERB party controlled by former Prime Minister Boiko Borisov increased its lead over the Continue the Change party (former reformist Prime Minister Kiril Petkov) in August, a difference of 5 percentage points, the study showed.

24.4% of those who declared they would definitely vote would vote for Boiko Borisov’s GERB party. 19.6 percent would vote Continue the Change, down almost 2 percentage points in a month.

The fight for third place is getting stronger. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MDL) maintains this position as it was in July, but the Vâzrajdane formation managed to narrow its gap to 0.3 percentage points. 10.6% of voters will vote for MDL, and 10.3% will vote for Kostadin Kostadino’s Vâzrajdane party.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (8.6%), Democratic Bulgaria (7.3%) and Bulgarian Ascension (4.5%) will definitely enter the next parliament in Sofia. Among these parties, only Democratic Bulgaria has more voters compared to July.

According to Trent, it was not known until the last moment whether the populist organization “there is such a people” would enter the parliament. Slavi Trifonov’s party will get 3.9% of the vote and is below the electoral threshold. Above the 1% percentage required for a party subsidy are the organizations “Get Up, Bulgaria” and VMRO.

The survey was conducted on 1,007 adult citizens between August 15 and 22 using a semi-structured face-to-face interview using a tablet. (Translation: Mirela Petrescu)

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