Brazilian President Jair Bolzano has begun touring Europe. The first meeting will be with Vladimir Putin

Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro begins a European tour on Monday, with his first stop in Russia. The Brazilian leader is scheduled to meet with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

The visit, announced in December at the invitation of a guest, was overshadowed by warnings from the Washington government about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. On Thursday, Bolzano will meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest.

The Brazilian president will be accompanied by ministers and trade representatives. A meeting between the Russian and Brazilian foreign and defense ministers is also scheduled for Wednesday, Agerpres said, citing source. According to some observers, the president of Latin America’s largest state wants to prove that it has more allies abroad.

But given the circumstances under which it took place, his critics in Brazil called the trip “important but irrelevant.”

“There is a danger that President Bolzano will issue an irresponsible statement, which could have dramatic consequences,” said political scientist Mauricio Santoro.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement citing 30 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Ukraine, the dpa added.

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