British Defense Secretary: “No matter what happens, Putin has no power in the world. It’s over.”

British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace Word London would support Warsaw if it decides to supply warplanes to Ukraine, but warned that such a decision would have direct consequences for Poland. He added The President of Russia is Vladimir Putin DoneNo matter what happens in Ukraine.

In an interview with the Times Radio, Wallace said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no authority. According to Agerpres.

“Whatever happens, President Putin has no power in the world. Done. His force is over. And he has to admit itA SAPS He.

“It simply came to our notice then His. Since he took office, he has been causing great economic hardship to his peopleA Added British Minister of Defense.

In another interview with Sky News, Poland talked about the possibility of sending planes to Ukraine.

“I will support any decision taken by the PolesWallace told Sky News that Britain could not provide aircraft that could be used by Ukrainians.

AM Supports Poland. I will help them with anything they needA Added He.

“Poland’s choice is not only to help Ukraine directly, it is a good thing, but Poland understands that it will put countries like Russia and Belarus at the forefront of the fire.Said the British Secretary of Defense.

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