British secret services say the war in Ukraine is “entering a new phase”.

The Guardian reports that the British Ministry of Defense believes the war in Ukraine is about to enter a “new phase”.

“Ukrainian forces are targeting bridges, ammunition depots, and rail links with increasing frequency in the southern regions of Ukraine. Russia’s occupation is attempting to affect Russia’s logistical recovery capability using a combination of blockade, damage, degradation, denial, destruction, and disruption effects, including the strategically important rail link to Crimea with Kherson. “says a British Ministry of Defense statement, which believes the war is about to enter a “new phase”.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine enters a new phase, heavy fighting shifts to a front line of about 350 km, which stretches southwest from Zaporizhzhia to Kherson, parallel to the Dnieper (…) Russian military trucks, tanks, long convoys towed. Artillery and other weapons in Ukraine’s Donbass leaving the area and heading south-west,” the report said.

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