Britney Spears has been warned by animal control after a dog stung an elderly man


Britney Spears

Warn by animal control

After the dog came out and bit an elderly man

Britney SpearsAnd Sam Asghari And their security team will need to keep a close eye on her beloved dogs, after at least one of the dogs got off and bit an elderly man.

Sources with first-hand knowledge tell us that Britney’s Doberman, who is named Porsha, moved out of her Thousand Oaks property on Thursday and has been walking around the neighborhood. At one point, we’re told, Porsha had been in contact with a man in his 70s who was riding his bike.

Our sources say the man got off his bike, and Porsha bit him in the leg before a member of Britney’s security team came to wrestle the dog. We are told the man went to have his tick checked at a local urgent care.

A source close to Britney tells us her team was later contacted by animal control and advised to make sure the dog stayed on the property and never went outside again. Britney’s source tells us the incident was described as more of a “nip” than a bite.

Instagram / samasghari

It was back in October 2021 when Sam gifted Britney a Porshaposted a video with the pup and exclaimed, “He will be trained to protect you from any bitch that comes around with bad intentions.”

Looks like Porsha might take her guard dog duties very seriously.

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