Caught between Ukraine’s armed forces and the right bank of the Dnieper River, Russian soldiers attempt to negotiate a surrender (Operation Command Pivden Sut)

Russian units in southern Ukraine are trapped between the Ukrainian army and the right bank of the Dnieper River, and some Russian commanders are contacting representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces to lay down their arms and try to surrender, the Ukrainian publication writes. true.

“The control we maintain over the crossings and traffic arteries along the Dnieper River makes them aware that they are caught between the Ukrainian forces and the right bank of the river – that is, the units stationed in this part of the Kherson region,” Natalia Humenyuk said. Joint Media Coordinating Center within Bivden (Southern) Operational Command.
According to him, the Russian soldiers are demoralized and do not see the purpose of their presence on this front.

“We are getting information that they are [trupele rusești] They are really depressed, they really don’t see the point of their existence on this front. They look at the example of the Eastern Front, which does not encourage them very much, because they understand that such events are also possible,” continued Natalia Humenyuk.

According to the Ukrainian representative, Russian soldiers consider it easier to lay down their weapons than to go to the border with Russia, the Kherson region is far from the border, unlike the Kharkiv region, and there is a significant obstacle in it. The route – the Dnieper River, is currently impassable, said the quoted source.

Humeniuk also announced cases where the command of the Russian units contacted representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine and negotiated their surrender: “These requests are subject to a thorough investigation.”

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