Christian Tudor identified Russia’s next target after Ukraine

According to journalist Christian Tudor Bobescu, the Republic of Moldova meets the criteria for a Russian offensive, as happened in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

“The Republic of Moldova may be attacked. Moldova is not a NATO member, but has a Russian-speaking minority. So she may be attacked. Q: What do we do if Moldova is attacked? Romania cannot intervene militarily to help Moldova.

He could intervene in the aid sent, and some Romanians could cross the border to fight for Moldova, but without military uniforms. We can not support Moldova militarily, “said Christian Tudor, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Cristian Tudor Popescu urges Romania to support the Republic of Moldova’s bid to join the European Union.

“This is the most important thing, not the union with Romania – something I do not want to hear at the moment. The most important thing is to support Moldova towards the European Union,” Christian Tudor told Bobes.

Gen. Ben Hodges, shocking hypothesis: Why Russia continues to kill civilians in Ukraine

Will Vladimir Putin use chemical or nuclear weapons or not? Can the Russian president be eligible for such action? What decisions will world leaders make this week? These are the questions of the day.

General Ben Hodges, former commander of US forces in Europe, spoke exclusively to CNN with News Hour about the Kremlin’s next move in the world – shaking war.

“The Kremlin used such hypersonic missiles to demonstrate their military capabilities. Remember how proud President Putin was a year ago talking about these weapons. So this is definitely a psychological ploy. The Russians are eager to disrupt logistical support in Ukraine. He gets it.

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But such a missile does not cause more damage than other missiles, but it is much faster and more difficult to intercept. I do not know how many hypersonic missiles they have, I do not think they have many because it is an expensive weapon.

When asked what Vladimir Putin’s next move would be, Ben Hodges said: “Given the situation on the ground and the fact that the Russian military is not doing as well as everyone expected,”

“This week or next we are at the decisive stage of the war, where the balance terminal is most likely. I hope the Russian troops have reached their full potential and will not be able to advance by a few more days. At the same pace, they will try, they want to get their hands on Odessa,” But I don’t think they have the army or the logistics to do that.

This means that they will consolidate what they have gained so far and continue to attack civilian areas with air missiles, killing innocent people in order to maintain this pressure, to keep people fleeing and to put pressure on all countries. .

What I do not know is, will they intensify this conflict until they use chemical weapons or nuclear weapons? I think that is not possible. It will put things in a different light, and America needs to be more involved.

Ben Hodges also spoke about the signal that Joe Biden is sending during his trip to Europe and the results we can expect after this summit.

“This is a very important week. It’s an opportunity for President Biden and all the heads of state to explain the importance of democracy. We are talking about democracy and authoritarianism, not Ukraine.

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I hope President Biden will say: Ukraine will win! We will not allow Ukraine to be defeated, we will not allow dictatorship to defeat democracy, and then I would like to call what President Roosevelt said at the beginning of World War II that we are the arsenal of democracy, that is, we will support it. Ukraine has everything it needs to defend itself. You can be sure that the Kremlin’s last resort is a confrontation with NATO because the Russians will be crushed, “said General Hodges.

Does Russia have the capability to attack another European country like Romania?

“It’s much less than it was a month ago. A month ago, I saw this as an opportunity, but the Ukrainians have done so much damage to the Russian military. I do not think the Russians have the necessary military capabilities, but that does not mean that an incident can not happen. , But it’s not possible! He did!

At the same time, he does not seem to be a step back from admitting the mistake he made. Although I personally hate any situation where Ukraine loses something and Russia wins, there is a political possibility that he will win.

But, Sabrina, I think we still have a chance. The next date to announce the number of registrants is April 1st. So 130,000 families in Russia have to send their sons to join the Russian army as cannon fodder. If we somehow reach those families through social networks and live messages, it will help them understand what is happening to them and prevent them from sending their children forward. Can you imagine the impact if at least 20% decide that their son will not work? That fact must be taken into account. “

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