Cowboys vs.Bccaneers score: Live updates, game stats, highlights and analysis for “Sunday Night Football”

At the end of the first half of the “Sunday Night Football” game of the 2022 NFL season, the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the Dallas Cowboys 12-3.

Tampa moved the ball with relative ease throughout the inning, averaging 6.4 yards per game. But the Bucs saw each of their first three drives falter deep in the Dallas area before settling on field runs—one of which Ryan Sukop hooked up to the left. The Cowboys didn’t get much of anything offensive after their first drive, scoring three times in a row before Dak Prescott was picked up by Antoine Winfield Jr. in the depths of the Dallas area.

But with a chance to score a first touchdown in the game, the Bucs once again had to content themselves with a field goal after Micah Parsons grabbed his second sack in the game — both playing third inside the 10-yard line. Dallas responded once again by quickly kicking the ball back to the Bucs, who hit the scoring center on their last drive of the game thanks to a monster caught by Julio Jones in the right sideline. But the Bucs paused again, settling on their fourth field goal in the competition.

Will Tampa retain the lead, or will Dallas return in the second half? Keep it locked on our live blog throughout the second half as we update you with all the stats, scores and features.

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