CTP: Mr. I bowed my head when I saw what Zavrov was saying, but the Israeli Prime Minister’s response was very disappointing.

Christian Tudor Bobesku admits that Russia has never encountered the propaganda currently in place, in which context any comment, let alone any kind of minimal logic, commented on the statement about the Jewish Hitler in this context. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov mockingly calls “Mr. Zavrov” a journalist.

“I am very disappointed with Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett’s response, saying that he has now spoken to Putin and that Putin has apologized for what Lavrov said. As a result Jews are being killed by Jews, Jews are being massacred, Ukrainians are being killed by Ukrainians, not Russians! That’s what this gentleman, Mr. Lavrov. Released the statement, there is no apology for what Lavrov said! – explained the CTP to DG24.

The double contempt of the Jewish people

“How, how to be satisfied with it?” The journalist is surprised with anger. “Well, Lavrov said,” It’s a terrible insult to the Jewish people, not just to Bennett talking to Putin on the phone. – I am not a Jew Mr. Zavrov About the man we both talk to on TV, Mr. We are invited to tell you how special Zavrov is as a diplomat! So this guy sent this message saying, he did not apologize, Mr. Lavrov did not apologize. No! Putin comes and tells Naphtali Bennett on the phone! ”- Cristian Tudor Popescu showed.

According to the journalist, there should be a withdrawal and a public apology – because the statement was public – from Lavro. “Or if he wants to catch Putin, put Putin in public and tell him,” he said.

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“In my opinion, this is the second insult to what the Prime Minister of Israel has done by claiming that an apology has been accepted,” he continued.

How can the Russians accuse the Romanians of Nazism?

The journalist believes that Moscow already adheres to the psychoanalytic campaign, and that the Russians are capable of doing absolutely anything. “The moment a country comes into view, for some reason, they will definitely find some Nazis. Romania, then, if they have tainted us at some point, they will find the Nazis, and they will find some oppressed Russians or something about the Russians in that country. I do not know, our In the country they can be found oppressed by words of Slavic descent.No, do not laugh, I am serious. In fact, Romanian was a Slavic language, and the Romans were a Slavic people and the people here were not allowed to speak any kind of Russian, via Romania, by the Nazis in power. Among other things, the president of Romania was German, so Nazi! So like the Nazi Jew Volodymyr Zhelensky! Why do I say all this? Because they can now say anything about anything. I have never encountered this kind of propaganda, i.e. they leave out any kind of calculations, any minimum logic, no disappointment, at least a quarter of which is true, tithing. No! It delivers on this level as I told you, ”the journalist said.

CTP: “I will go so far as to ban the presence of Russian citizens in the EU”

CTP is pessimistic: he does not believe there is a future for improved or restructured Western relations with Russia because Moscow has chosen to isolate itself. And Putin will stay in power and will not be removed no matter what happens. “It could also drive him metastases from head to toe! Putin will be alive and with the support of 80 percent of the Russian population,” the CTP said.

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“These controversial debates about Russian athletes, Russian cultural figures and other contacts, not to mention economic, political and diplomatic, seem to me to be discussed as a resumptionable future with Russia. Or, I do not see such a future. Will be in power. Putin’s removal is a promising hope for NATO and the European Union. It will not be removed! Having surgery on her I now see her getting thyroid cancer. It can also drive him metastases from head to toe! Putin will be alive and will remain there with the support of 80 percent of the Russian people, who, according to the director of Moskfilm, believe that everyone else should be sterilized and re-educated. This is the situation. At this time the attitude of the Putin regime and Russia, the attitude of its citizens and representatives, was the first to separate from the West and Europe, That America is abroad. I did not take any action to try to maintain relations with Europe for a while and then look only to isolated Russia in the future.. The only way to protect yourself from this barbaric force, this criminal, primitive power, this long-standing fascist state, is to go to the extent of forbidding the presence of Russian citizens in European countries, except in isolation, at all levels. Union“, CTP ends.

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