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Cubs announced their activation Marcus Strowman From the list of people infected with Covid-19. He’ll take the ball tonight against the Diamondbacks, with the right Michael Rucker Landing on the 15 day injured list due to toe. Strowman didn’t count toward the 40-man list while in COVID IL, and the Cubs freed up a spot to bring him back into action by moving the start Alec Mills From 15 days to 60 days IL.

Stroman signed a three-year, $71 million guarantee as part of Cubs’ aggressive offseason game. He’s started five times with his new team, throwing 26 1/3 innings of 5.13 from the ERA ball. Stroman’s typically excellent globe rate drops to 45.6% more initially, but it’s probably nothing more than a sample. The 31-year-old’s speed, hitting numbers and walking are in line with the 2021 marks, although he has also seen a drop in swing strokes.

Anyway, Strowman returns to take the ball again every fifth day from captain David Ross. He will join him in the rotation Kyle Hendricksoffseason توقيع signature Drew SmileyAnd Valley Miley And Justin Steel. This group seemed to be a concern as the season approached, and the Cubs ranked among the league’s ten weakest in rotational era (4.45) and strike rate (18.5%), even though they were in the top ten in groundbreaking creation (46.1%).

Mills was an important member of the rotation last season, starting 20 of his 32 games. He posted a 5.07 ERA but delivered kicks and ground kicks on more than half of the balls hit against him, making him an option for behind the spin. Opening the season in the back strain list, he also struggled with a quad problem.

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Today’s move is largely a procedural move, ruling out Mills for 60 days from opening day, not today. He can’t return to the major leagues until the first week of June, which doesn’t seem likely anyway considering he has yet to start a minor league rehab job. Mills recently threw a live batting practice session, however, and it was the opening stages of a new ramp up program.

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