Dark Report: Ukrainians dominated by Russians 40 to 1 / “Severe depression effect” of major difficulties and troops in Russian bombing

Ukrainian troops are facing massive casualties, overtaking Russian forces in terms of weapons, according to new information provided by Western and Ukrainian intelligence services, giving a darker picture of the front line conflict, reports The Independent. The Russian military has 20 times more artillery and 40 times more ammunition.

HIMARS Multiple Rocket Launcher SystemPhoto: ABACA / Abaca Press / Profimedia

According to Ukrainian and Western intelligence officials, the Ukrainians are facing great difficulties in responding to the Russian bombings, as their artillery is limited to 25 kilometers, while the enemy can attack from a distance. 12 times larger.

The report, published by The Independent, states that the deplorable situation in Donbass, where up to 100 soldiers are killed every day, is “deeply depressing for Ukrainian forces and the number of exit cases is increasing every week.”

Prisoners, war coin

At the same time, as the Russians seize territory in the east and strengthen their control over the cities of Mariupol and Gershon, the negotiating position of the Ukrainian government is weakened by the large difference in the number of prisoners in each country.

The total number of Russian soldiers captured by Ukraine fell to 550, up from 900 in April, after a series of changes.

Moscow, meanwhile, has detained more than 5,600 Ukrainian soldiers, including members of the Azov battalion that defended Mariupol after nearly 2,500 soldiers surrendered.

This number difference emerges when both Kiev and Moscow conduct highly publicized trials on prisoners of war.

“The Russians are urging the exchange of prisoners. This means that 4,500 Ukrainian prisoners could remain in Russian prisons until a peace agreement is reached.

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Ukraine needs more weapons

Has been evaluated Before The British government announced the supply of a limited number of M270 multi-launch missile systems. United States HIMARS announced the supply of artillery missile systems to Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials say they need more Weapons Stop Russia’s progress and additional weapons to reclaim lost territory, and take the time to stabilize the front line systems as the Kremlin continues its fierce offensive on the Donbass.

The report says that this is an unequal war on the Ukrainian front, that the Ukrainians can not win if they have fewer weapons, that the weapon strikes the enemy from a little distance and that there are fewer ammunition than the Russian soldiers.

The report points out that spear and tank are anti-systems NLAW Provided by the US and the United Kingdom on the battlefields around Kiev and Kharkov, which had the same effect on the Donbass. Drones Switch blade They also caused significant damage to the Russians.

However, anti-tank weapons “can not face Russian artillery and Rocket missiles”.

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