Diana Şoşoacă and Luis Lazarus were rejected by the new far-right group in the European Parliament formed by the AfD party.

Louis Lazarus and Diana Chozoka. Photo Credit: Facebook / Louis Lazarus

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) joined other far-right parties in Europe on Wednesday to form a new European parliamentary group, the Sovereign Nations Europe, whose establishment was announced on Tuesday by the ultra-nationalist and racist Czech party SPD. , Tomio Okamura However, SOS Romania rejected the membership request of MEPs, Diana Șoșoacă and Luis Lazarus, Reuters, Agerpres and News.ro.

“At our request, the group rejected the request to join the SOS Romania party,” said László Doroszkay, a member of the Hungarian Patria Nostra party, in a post on social media announcing the creation of the new political group in the European Parliament. He did not specify the reason for the refusal.

The Group of European Sovereigns will join the European Group for Patriots in the European Parliament, led by France’s Rassemblement National (RN) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who heads the Group of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), the EP’s other hard-right group, lost members to the Patriots last week.

Besides the AfD, the group of sovereign states also includes smaller parties from Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary. With 28 MEPs, it will be much smaller than the rival 84-member caucus.

The split of the far-right in the increasingly crowded European Parliament reflects the deep mistrust Europe’s nationalist parties have with their ideological counterparts in neighboring countries, making it difficult to form cross-border coalitions, according to Reuters.

The AfD’s anti-immigration views and suspected support for Ukraine, not unlike the agenda of Marine Le Pen’s party, were rejected by the French party ahead of June’s European Parliament elections because an AfD MP did not strongly condemn Germany’s Nazi past. enough

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To form a new political group in the 720-member European Parliament, 23 MEPs are needed representing at least a quarter of the 27 EU member states. Groups enjoy certain legislative and financial privileges.

With 14 MEPs, the AfD would be the largest of the nine parties in the Group of Sovereign States. None of them contribute more than three MEPs each.

Maximilian Krah, the lawmaker whose refusal to condemn the wartime Nazi SS led to the AfD’s expulsion from the former Identity and Democracy Group, has gravitated around Le Pen’s party in the old legislature, saying she cannot be a member of the new group.

“This group of parties is an important cornerstone of the urgently needed change in the EU,” Craw told Die Welt. “The importance of the project is beyond me, so I am content and I am not begging for it,” he said.

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