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The Ukraine-Russia war will dominate private discussions between the leaders of the 32 NATO member states. Photo: Profimedia Images

US President Joe Biden will welcome the leaders of NATO member states to Washington on Tuesday for the annual summit. Reuters.

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President Biden’s opening speech at 17:00 local time (24:00 Romania time) will highlight what his administration considers a major achievement: a strong and united NATO under Washington’s leadership, with more members and committed to meeting their collective security needs. This brings concrete results to American voters: a safer country, a stronger international economic position, more alliances and power abroad and less exposed to the risk of conflict with its enemies, Biden will emphasize.

The 81-year-old US president has vowed to continue his run against Republican Donald Trump, 78, despite concerns from Capitol Hill Democrats and donors that he will lose the Nov. 5 election after a shaky performance in the June 27 debate.

After Trump challenged allies as part of his “America First” approach, Biden has made restoring traditional U.S. alliances abroad to counter the threat of autocracies a centerpiece of his foreign policy.

Whoever wins the race in November could have a significant impact on the future of NATO and Europe. Trump has suggested he would not defend NATO members under military attack if they do not meet the alliance’s defense spending target of 2 percent of their respective gross domestic product, if elected for a second term. He also questioned the value of aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

White House defense spokesman John Kirby said the presence of leaders from NATO and beyond shows Biden’s ability to rally alliances and inspire confidence.

“Republicans, of course, celebrate the peace and prosperity that NATO (75 years after its creation — no) has ensured, and we will continue to stand with our partners as they prevent unnecessary wars,” the House speaker said Monday. Mike Johnson, a veteran Republican and Trump ally. “But we believe NATO needs to do more,” he stressed.

Allies worry about Biden’s endurance

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, NATO has a new goal — to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Meanwhile, it gained Finland and Sweden as new members.

The Ukraine-Russia war will dominate private discussions among the leaders of the 32 NATO member states, who have a hectic agenda focused on military and financial aid to Ukraine and providing some means for Kiev’s eventual accession to NATO.

But these leaders, already worried about the prospect of Trump’s return, are coming to Washington with new concerns about Biden’s staying power, according to diplomats in their countries. One of them described Biden as weakened after a difficult political period, and said his administration was looking for signs of whether he would survive politically.

Bjorn Fleck, senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, said doubts about Biden’s backlash were “absolutely on everyone’s mind” and brought up the prospect of Trump winning the US election, which could weaken the alliance.

For their part, NATO leaders face political uncertainty in Europe, with an imminent freeze in France after victories by far-left and far-right parties and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition weakened after an unsatisfactory result in European parliamentary elections.

This week’s events in Washington, including a keynote speech on Tuesday and a rare press conference alone on Thursday, will give Biden a chance to address concerns.

Biden will also outline new support for Ukraine. During the summit, NATO leaders are expected to approve an initiative through which the alliance will coordinate arms deliveries and training to Ukrainian forces fighting a Russian invasion. They can also get heavy air defense support.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to attend summit and meet with Biden

For his part, Zelensky is scheduled to deliver a speech at the Ronald Reagan Institute in Washington on Tuesday evening.

Ruslan Stefanciuk, the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament, met with US lawmakers and representatives of other NATO legislatures on Tuesday, criticizing Monday’s attack on a children’s hospital in Kiev and calling for air defense systems, planes and long-range artillery.

Ukraine eventually wants to join NATO to defend itself against future Russian attacks, but candidates must be approved by all members of the alliance, some of whom are wary of provoking outright war with Russia.

Moscow views NATO as a vehicle for US hegemony and accuses the alliance of returning to a Cold War mentality.

U.S. officials said the summit would provide Ukraine with a “bridge to membership,” including NATO’s new effort to coordinate arms deliveries and training.

However, some members want the alliance to clarify the fact that Ukraine is moving “irreversibly” towards NATO, and want the summit’s resulting declaration that Ukraine is “Ukraine’s future” despite last year’s alliance promise. NATO”.

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