Direct update. War in Ukraine. Belarusian troops are said to have been ordered to enter Ukraine

War in Ukraine, day 9. The city of Mariupol was surrounded by Russian artillery and subjected to incessant bombardment.

With a population of over 400,000, Mariupol is a strategic city that will allow Moscow to annex Crimea to the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Gershon, the first major Ukrainian city to be captured by the Russians, the invaders imposed strict traffic restrictions and left people without food and medicine.

Pentagon officials, meanwhile, say Ukrainian forces are launching a massive offensive against a Russian military base heading for the Ukrainian capital.

Kiev is thus likely to thwart the occupation of the capital, the ultimate target of the Russian invasion, and the establishment of a puppet government.

Pro TV News provides you with the latest information on the war in Ukraine, in live text:

Update 02.55 Problems accessing multiple independent media sites in Russia and Facebook

The AFP reported on Friday that websites of Facebook and several independent media outlets were somewhat inaccessible in Russia as authorities tightened their grip on critical voices in the war with Ukraine.

GlobalCheck’s monitoring service and AFP journalists in Moscow found problems accessing the Facebook site, as well as Meduza, Deutsche Welle, RFE-RL and the BBC’s Russian language service.

Update 02.48 Fire at the Enercode nuclear power plant in Saboria following an attack by Russian forces

City Mayor Dmitry Orlov said in a telegram that the fire broke out after Russian forces opened fire on Friday at the Enerkoder nuclear power plant in the Saporizhia region of southeastern Ukraine.

“Threat to global security! As a result of a series of enemy bombings on the buildings and units of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is on fire,” he wrote.

Update 02.22 Pentagon official applauds Ukrainian forces

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has praised the efforts of Ukrainian forces as the Russian invasion continues.

They fight bravely on the streets and outside their cities, and they fight very creativelyHe told CNN.

Kirby said Russia was focused on ending the siege of the capital, with regard to the Russian convoy that had apparently stalled outside Kiev.

This morning, I estimated that the advance of the Russian forces was still 25 kilometers from the city center, but it was trying to get closer.“, he said. “They are still out of town, but we still believe that their purpose is to encircle Kiev and eventually occupy it.”.

Update 02.15 Russian forces bomb Odirga in northeastern Ukraine

Russian forces are bombing Odirka in the Sumi region of northeastern Ukraine, leaving people without electricity and heat, according to Dmitry Schwitzky, head of the regional military administration, in his Telegram account.

“There is no heat or electricity in Odirka in the Sumi area, and Russian troops are bombing Sumi,” he wrote.

“In principle, the whole Sumi region is now a territory of hell, which is being destroyed by Russian troops,” Dmitry Shivitsky added.

Update 01.53 Gerson’s mayor urges people not to steal food

The mayor of the Russian-controlled city of Kherson is urging people not to steal food.

The city needs food and industrial supplies, especially for the least protected sections of the population. I appeal to the owners of supermarkets, supermarkets, warehouses, grocery stores and anyone who finds this news useful. The city is ready to control the distribution of the remaining goods. Hospitals, orphanages, retirees, people in need, families with many children – we guarantee they will go where they are most needed.“, Said Mayor Ihor Kolykhaiev.

Update 01.50 Russian forces enter Russian city of Melidopol without opposition, the Russian Defense Ministry says.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says that Russian troops entered the city of Melitopol without protest and that the Russian army waved red flags and was greeted by people.

On the evening of February 26, after reunification near the populous city of Azovskaya (Ukraine), Russian forces marched and entered Melidopol without resistance. Melidopol residents welcomed Russian troops moving around the city. Some elderly citizens waved red flags and took to the streetsThe Ministry of Defense said.

However, Toss did not release any photos confirming these reports. Meanwhile, a video appears showing Melidopol civilians colliding with Russian troops in military vehicles.

Update 01.17 General Insurance announces gradual withdrawal from Russia

Generally, Italy’s number one insurance company, has announced its gradual withdrawal from Russia by closing its Moscow branch and immediately shutting down its Europe Assistance subsidiary, AFP reported.

Update 00.57 Belarusian troops are said to have been ordered to enter Ukraine

The Ukrainian military believes Belarusian forces have been ordered to cross the Ukrainian border.

The command of the military unit was ordered to cross the border with Ukraine“, General staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote on Facebook.

Update 00.55 creepy images from Borodyanka

A video posted on Twitter by Radio Svoboda shows the devastation in Borodianka in northwestern Kiev.

Update 00.45 President of Georgia: Putin seems to be destroying the whole country

Vladimir Putin not only wants to occupy some territory in Ukraine, but also wants to destroy the whole country, Georgian President Salome Jorabichvili told CNN.

It no longer seems to connect a few regions. Now it looks like the whole country will be devastated. In a way it is a catastrophic war“, Said the President of Georgia.

Update 00.43 The United States will allow Ukrainians to remain in the country in the form of humanitarian assistance

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to allow Ukrainians in the United States to remain in the country in the form of humanitarian aid.

If forced to return to countries devastated by armed conflict, the permit applies to persons facing more serious circumstances.

Update 00.06 S&P rating agency downgrades Russia’s credit rating from BB + to CCC.

It was downgraded following the imposition of measures that we believe would significantly increase the default risk“, Accordingly sent by the Agency BBC.

Update 00.03 Video Tracer bullets fired at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

A YouTube post shows how bullets were fired at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

Update 23.50 Ukrainian Defense Minister says 20 Russian vehicles destroyed near Hostomal airport

In all, during the day, Special Forces destroyed 20 enemy war vehicles in Hostoma“, The Ukrainian Defense Minister wrote on Twitter.

Update 23.45: Defense Minister on Putin’s nuclear threat: Madmen do not want to kill themselves

The nuclear threat is a threat of discouragement. Possessing all nuclear weapons intensified the fear of one another and the annihilation of a man’s potential insanity because no one wanted to commit suicide, or insanely want to commit suicide. From this point of view, it is not possible for anyone to start a suicide war because everyone knows what nuclear power the other has.“, Said Vasile Ding

The mechanism of the nuclear suitcase we are talking about with the red button accidentally pressed by a madman or a child playing around with a suitcase is a metaphor because it is a mechanism. If the political decision can only be made by one person, we have seen frightened generals around the novel, uncontrollable, parked 20 meters away. A series of results, technical decisions to implement. This is a long line of technical results. We believe this cannot be done from a practical point of view“, Ding said.

“We are not afraid of this,” he said.

The nuclear threat has been around for a long time and remains a threat. This is a kind of last attempt and no one can return“, Ding also announced.

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