Direct war in Ukraine, day 123: Explosions in the center of the capital Kiev / Biden come to Germany / Russians enter Lysikansk, and Severotnetsk is completely occupied

Three explosions were heard Sunday morning in the center of the capital, Kiev. The Russians completely occupied the front line strategic city of Sverdlovsk in eastern Ukraine after weeks of fighting and bombing. Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia will supply Belarus with nuclear-capable missiles in the coming months. G7 leaders meet in Bavaria, with US President Joe Biden arriving in Germany on Saturday night.

The apartment in Kiev was bombed by the RussiansPhoto: Ukrinform / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

The most important information on Sunday, the 123rd day of the war in Ukraine, LIVETEXT

08:08 Video Putin’s campaigner in a trance: “Comrade Stalin made the mistake of allowing Germany to stay! Let it burn in hell! ”

07:40 Zelenski: “No Russian missiles, no shots Can not destroy the morale of the Ukrainians

07:00 Three explosions were heard in Kiev on Sunday morning, the Kiev Independent reported. Smoke was seen rising for a while at two locations in central Kiev. The airstrikes began sounding in the capital at 5:47 am, and Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko confirmed the explosions in the central Shevchenko district.

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