Direct War in Ukraine, Day 274: Zelensky calls on UN to end Russian attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure / Violent fighting in east, Russia withdraws troops from Kherson / New prisoner exchange

Volodymyr Zelensky called on the United Nations Security Council to take action against Russia over airstrikes on civilian infrastructure that have once again plunged Ukrainian cities into darkness and cold.

Ukrainian tanker off DonetskPhoto: AA / Abaca Press / Profimedia

Highlights from Thursday Live, the 274th day of the Ukraine War:

08:23 Biden administration officials say Vladimir Putin may use chemical weapons in Ukraine before a nuclear conflict with NATO if his troops continue to lose ground. Politics.

The concerns come amid an administration effort to ensure allies are prepared for such an event, as well as mobilize new resources and invest in manufacturing chemical detection systems, according to six people familiar with the matter.

The sources said the U.S. had no information that such an attack was imminent in Ukraine.

New prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine

07:44 UN Rosemary DiCarlo, head of the Department of Political Affairs, said Wednesday’s exchange of 35 Russian and 36 Ukrainian prisoners at the UN Security Council was a positive development amid “serious news” about Russian attacks in Ukraine.

DiCarlo encouraged the parties to respect international humanitarian law regarding prisoners of war and to continue exchanges. (Reuters)

07:10 The faction of the IABLoko party in Karelia’s legislature gave it to Vladimir Putin. A message asking you to sign an order After partial mobilization in Russia.

07:01British Historian: Deal with Russia is more wrong than ever

05:45 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday condemned Russian forces’ bombing of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Russia’s chance of victory on the battlefield is gone.

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Thursday morning, a quick recap of recent events:

  • Zelensky Appealed to the UN Security Council Action must be taken to stop Russian airstrikes targeting critical infrastructure that have once again plunged Ukrainian cities into darkness and cold.
  • Russia missiles knocked out power in Kiev and killed at least six people in the Ukrainian capital, during attacks that caused blackouts across the country. Electricity supply has been restored Then in areas affected by Russian strikes.
  • Ukraine has shut down units at the Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant in the west of the country following a massive Russian missile strike against Ukrainian energy infrastructure, the regional governor said.
  • The Republic of Moldova was without power on Wednesday Electricity due to Russian bombing in Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian military launched about 70 cruise missiles into Ukraine on Wednesday, 51 of which were shot down by the Ukrainian military’s anti-aircraft systems.
  • “Special invincibility centers” will be set up across Ukraine to provide free electricity, heat, water, internet, mobile phone connections and pharmacy services, Zelenskiy said.
  • Ukraine It will receive hundreds of electricity generators From Europe. The “Confidence Builders” initiative launched by the European Parliament and Eurocities brings together 200 cities from 38 European states.
  • Fighting is fiercer in the east, where Russia has sent some forces that have moved following the withdrawal from around the southern city of Kherson. Russia has been waging its own offensive in the west of the Donetsk city front, which has been conducted by its proxies since 2014.
  • The website of the European Parliament is not available Hours after its lawmakers were hit by a “denial of service” attack by “pro-Kremlin” hackers They designated Russia as a state sponsor of terrorismsaid the head of the company.
  • About 50 Russian soldiers were killed and up to 50 wounded in an attack by Ukrainian forces on an ammunition depot in the eastern Luhansk region, the Ukrainian military said.
  • EU diplomats said European Union governments failed to agree on how much to cap the price of Russian oil shipped by sea under a Group of Seven nations plan and would resume talks on Thursday evening or Friday.
  • The United States has recognized $400 million in new military aid For Ukraine, that includes weapons, ammunition and air defense equipment. The Biden administration has so far provided $19.7 billion in military aid to Ukraine.
  • France and Spain criticized the plan The European Commission’s cap on the selling price of natural gas was set so high that critics questioned whether it would ever be used.
  • Russia Facing “significant shortages” of ammunition to its artillery, said US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. We have enough weapons, he says Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
  • The IMF announced on Wednesday that it had reached a preliminary agreement Kiev wants up to $20 billion to pave the way for a loan program with Ukraine.
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