Direct war in Ukraine, day 48: Allies check Russians’ use of chemical weapons

Tensions remain high in Ukraine for the 48th day. An important period is coming for Ukraine, and Russian forces seem to be re-arming and redistributing. The United States and Britain have reported that chemical weapons were used by Russian forces in the attacks on Mariupol.

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Summary of Monday:

  • The next period is crucial for Ukraine, Western officials say, as Russian forces reorganize and redistribute themselves.
  • President Zhelensky hopes that Russia will mobilize tens of thousands of troops for the next offensive in eastern Ukraine.
  • The United States and Britain have reported that chemical weapons were used by Russian forces in the attacks on Mariupol.
  • He became the first EU president to meet with Austrian President Vladimir Putin. Carl Nehmmer describes the talks at Putin’s house outside Moscow as “direct, outspoken and harsh.” Nehammer later said he was “very pessimistic” about the prospects for peace.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he has repeatedly called on both Putin and Zhelensky to speak directly. India has so far refused to condemn the invasion.
  • President Volodymyr Zhelensky has warned that Russian troops retreating to the east have left tens of thousands of explosives mines.
  • Kharkov authorities installed loudspeakers and warned residents not to approach me as they were scattered throughout the city.

The most important information on Tuesday about the invasion was livetext on

06:52 The Guardian writes that Iraqi militants and members of regional intelligence report that Russia obtains ammunition and military equipment from Iraq for its Ukrainian troops through Iranian arms smuggling networks.

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06:45 The BBC quoted UNICEF as saying that nearly two-thirds of Ukrainian children had fled their homes within six weeks of Russia’s occupation.

05:30 Europol European Police Office It was announced on Monday that an operation has been launched Write to AFP and Agerpres about the assets of Russian individuals and companies allowed due to the war in Ukraine.

05:20 In the Nikolaev region, local media reported that Russians disguised as exiled locals, claiming to be missing, attacked the Ukrainian army. The occupants of 3 civilian cars are said to have approached Ukrainian positions and tried to attack them, but they were chased away, killing 5 people.

01:18 Leader of the Ukrainian Army: Mariupol’s defense continues.

01:07 Three EU countries have announced 2.5 million euro assistance For war crimes investigation.

00:34 Moving Letter from a 9-year-old boy from Ukraine who was killed by the Russians to his motherRead at the UN Security Council: “You want to go to heaven”.

00:08 Signed by Italy Agreement to increase natural gas imports from Algeria To reduce dependence on Russia.

23:42 Three people were killed and eight civilians were injured in Russian airstrikes in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk on Monday, regional governor Pavlo Girillenko said in a telegram, Reuters News reported.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the governor’s statement on the attack.

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