Direct warfare in Ukraine, day 124: Invasion troops force Lukansk to capture the last Ukrainian stronghold in Russia, Lysyansk / Canada sends two more warships to the Baltic Sea

On Monday, the 124th day of the war, Russian forces are battling to achieve one of their strategic goals in Ukraine, while pro-Moscow separatists say they are heading for Lychisansk, the last major city still occupied by Ukrainian troops in the eastern Lukansk region. .

Ukrainian self-propelled artillery is activePhoto: Twitter

The most important information on Monday, the 124th day of the war in Ukraine, LIVETEXT:

08:20 Speaking at the G7 summit on Monday, the Guardian noted that Zelenski would call on world powers to increase support for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden and his colleagues in the Seven Rich Democrats’ group, which meets in the Bavarian Alps, have stressed their solidarity in confronting Russia’s aggression – even as global consequences worsen.

Zhelensky will join the leaders of the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Canada via video link at 10:00 (11.00 in Romania).

07:45 The United States will probably announce this week Purchasing an advanced security system Anti-missile for Ukraine, Reuters sources said.

07:30Monday morning, a brief review of recent events related to the Russian invasion:

  • Russian rockets struck a residential building near a kindergarten in central Kiev on Sunday, killing one person and wounding six others, while Moscow intensified airstrikes on Ukraine for the second day in a row.
  • Russian missiles struck near the central Ukrainian city of Serkashi on Sunday, killing one person and crashing into a bridge that serves to connect western parts with eastern war zones, Ukrainian officials said.
  • The Tass news agency quoted a separatist official on Sunday as saying that Moscow forces were entering Lysychansk from five directions and isolating Ukrainian guards. Civilians of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said Russian forces were using artillery to try to cut off Lisiான்ansk from the south, but did not mention that separatists had entered the city.
  • Both sides said on Saturday that Russian forces had occupied the entire city of Severdonetsk in eastern Ukraine.
  • US President Joe Biden has told the Allies “we must be united” against Russia, while world leaders met at the G7 summit in the Bavarian Alps on Sunday.
  • On Sunday Russia approached the default, announcing what would be the country’s first default in decades, with some indications that investors holding its international bonds would receive the amount due.
  • Johnson’s office said on Sunday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron had agreed to extend additional support to Ukraine.
  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Sunday urged his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts to create space for dialogue during the peace process in those countries, as “war must end and global food chains must be reactivated.”
  • “At this stage of the war it is hard both spiritually and emotionally … before we see it on the horizon of victory, we do not know how long it will take, how many blows, losses and efforts it will take,” he said. Announced by Olodimir Zhelensky.
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06:59 Canada sent two warships In the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic, it joins two warships already in the area to strengthen the eastern part of NATO.


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