Dmitry Medvedev quotes from Apocalypse and threatens that if the West continues to supply Ukraine with weapons, the predictability of the actions of the parties to the conflict will disappear.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, now deputy chairman of the Security Council, did not hesitate to call the draft security guarantees presented in Kyiv on Tuesday a “prelude to World War III,” in a message posted on his Telegram channel. To quote from the Apocalypse.

“After all, it is similar to using Art. 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty (Washington Treaty). (…) Therefore, it is scary,” Medvedev wrote before adding:

“Our friends (…) – Western leaders of various capacities to whom this frenzied appeal is addressed – must finally understand one simple thing. This directly refers to NATO’s hybrid war with Russia. If these idiots continue to arm the Kiev regime with the most dangerous weapons, sooner or later Military campaigning will move to another level. Visible boundaries and possible predictability of the actions of the parties to the conflict will disappear. It will follow its own military script, incorporating new participants. As always”.

“Then the West will no longer be able to sit in their clean houses and apartments and laugh at how they are carefully weakening Russia by proxy. Everything is burning around them. Their people will feel the pain fully. Their earth will literally burn and their concrete will melt. We will also suffer a lot. It will be very, very bad for the whole world. After all, it says: “A third of the people were killed by these three plagues: by fire, by smoke, and by brimstone that came out of their mouths” (Rev. 9:18)”.

“But meanwhile the narrow-minded politicians and their idiotic think tanks are thoughtfully swirling a glass of wine in their hand and talking about how to deal with us without going to open war. Boring fools with a classical education”.

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