Dodgers are aggressive on Juan Soto; Yankees “Long Shot”

Juan SotoIts presence in the commercial market has, in many ways, impeded activity in other areas. Teams like Cardinals and Padres, which are generally seen as great suitors for Soto, are also participating in the market to start the promotion. But both are certainly wary of dealing with prospects of getting a newbie (for example, Auckland Frankie Montas) if these players could eventually be used to get Soto out of Washington.

ESPN’s Jeff Bassan takes an extended look In the stalemate created by Soto, he wrote inwardly that the Yankees had a “long opportunity at best” to make a play for Soto before the deadline, noting that the Rangers, for the time being, are not high profile models. This is consistent with recent reports from John Hyman of the New York Post, Who wrote last night That there was no “attraction” between the Yankees and the Nationals regarding Soto, although the Yankees contacted them as recently as yesterday evening. Heymann adds that citizens are not as such High on top of the odds Anthony Volpi Like the Yankees and many other clubs, which is a complicating factor in the talks.

Padres and Cardinals are Soto’s most suggested debates, and with good reason, as both are now winning clubs with deep farm systems that can offer a mix of big, controllable odds and linkers as the Citizens seek. Bassan suggests that the dodgers are “lurking,” however, and Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic He similarly wrote this morning that the Dodgers have maintained talks with the NATs and should not be ruled out as a potential landing site. Bob Nightengale from USA Today takes things a step further, Twitter It’s the Dodgers – not the Cardinals or the Padres – who have put in the most offensive performances for Soto lately.

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The Mariners, another regular Soto player, don’t seem likely to land him at this point. Head of Baseball Operations, Jerry DeBotto, told The Athletic’s Jim Bowden that while checking into Soto, he got the impression there was no realistic path to acquiring it (Twitter link). Supposedly that came before Seattle Friday Obsession From Luis Castillo – Which cost the prospective prospective sailors.

The Mets are also speculatively listed as trading partners of the Mets. This is largely due to the team’s hefty salaries and a strong past year under new owner Steve Cohen. but, Joel Sherman writes for the New York Post That the Mets believed “relatively quickly in the process” that there would be such a large market for Soto that Washington wouldn’t have to consider trading it with a competitor in the division. That certainly seems to be the case, although if Nats crave the best prospects of the Mets, there’s at least a tiny chance they’ll pull something together; Both Sherman and Andy Martino reports from SNY That the Mets won’t move their best prospects unless they get a Soto or (longer shot) Shuhei Ohtani. Both reports suggest the catcher Francisco Alvarez Prohibited unless one has Soto or Ohtani. Sherman adds a third key man Britt Patty To that list, Martineau suggests a third base man Mark Ventus It is viewed similarly.

Regardless of whether Soto specifically changes, the market will explode sometime between now and the 6 PM ET deadline tomorrow. The ticking clock will eventually drive the teams into action, and given the lack of action so far, we could be in one of the busiest and most chaotic 24-30 hours of final dealings we’ve ever seen.

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