Dramatic footage of Russian paratroopers being hunted in the open by a Ukrainian Bradley armored personnel carrier

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Russian paratroopers caught Ukrainian Bradleys in the open and opened fire on them with a 25mm machine gun. Gif source: X/Twitter/Ukrainian army

A video posted on social media shows a group of Russian paratroopers being ambushed by a Ukrainian army’s Bradley armored vehicle in an open field. The images were broadcast by soldiers of the 47th regiment of the Ukrainian army.

Footage captured by a drone shows two Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs) moving with paratroopers in an open field in an unspecified area on the Ukrainian front.

At one point, the first armored car was hit by a salvo fired from the side — according to Ukrainian sources — from the 25mm rapid-fire cannon of a Bradley armored car equipped with Kiev forces.

A second Russian TAB was hit by Russian artillery while launching camouflage smoke bombs. Russian soldiers disembark from both carriers and are then attacked in the open.

Russia on Sunday claimed that its army had captured the small town of Umansk in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, which has been under attack.

With the Ukrainian army short of ammunition and men, Russia launched a new offensive in the Kharkiv region in early May. Russian forces continued to push eastward, particularly in the direction of Pokrovsk, 30 km northwest of Umansk. Kiev hopes future supplies of ammunition from the West will allow it to take the initiative on a front that has been retreating for months. The United States this week gave the green light to attack Ukrainian targets on Russian territory, under certain conditions to protect the region of Kharkiv.

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