Drew Tim of Gonzaga gave an interview full of swear words after the win: ‘Good st’

Drew Timm, the Gonzaga star, pulled the Bulldogs into the 16th Arena after Saturday night’s win, using vulgar language at halftime — and after the game.

Timmy scored 21 out of 25 points in the second half of the top seed Gonzaga defeated ninth seed Memphis 82-78 in the second round of the NCAA Championships Saturday night in Portland, Oregon.

But it was Tim’s first-half motivation that helped Gonzaga, who was 10 points behind in the first half, avoid a shock loss.

In the first half, the young 6-foot-10 striker gathered his Gonzaga teammates in the middle of the field, pointed to a scoreboard that showed a 10-point first-half delay for the top seed overall and uttered a few select words.

The huge Timme initially gave a censored version of what he told his half-mates.

“I don’t give a quick hint of what’s going on,” Timmy told a TBS reporter on the field after the game, referring to his spirited first-half talk. “What happens at the end of a match, whether we lose or win. We don’t come out as thin guys. Leave everything on the ground. [Because] Another 20 could be yours.

“Hey, man if you go out all the way and we still lose…play without regrets. We took that very seriously and got the win, happily. Give credit to Memphis, they really brought it up and the way they turned their season around, it’s so cool. “.

However, the 21-year-old could not control himself throughout the interview.

Timme, who was also interviewed with teammate Andrew Nembhard, repeated the expletive several times while asked about the performance of Nembhard, who scored 23 points and some free throws of late.

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“They’ve been talking all bullshit about him, and you know what, that’s what we expect of him. Bring us home. We get it, man. Good, boy.”

Nimbard appreciated the flattery and didn’t mind the insults, saying, “Man, I love this guy.”

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